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Urge Council to Stop Bullying Man and Sheep

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Originally Posted: November 3, 2012

Urge Council to Stop Bullying Man and Sheep

FROM Uproar


We cannot let the City of Greater Dandenong Council (Australia) get away with bullying Mr. Ho and disregarding the rights of animals. Please tell the Council to please stop wasting taxpayer money, and reverse their cruel decision to order Baa out of her home where she has lived peacefully for eleven years.

City of Greater Dandenong Council
phone (03) 9239 5100
[email protected] 


Last year the Dandenong City council fined local resident Vu Ho for having a sheep, Baa, on his suburban property. Council told Mr Ho he could not continue providing a home to Baa as she was considered livestock, and ordered her removed from her home.

Mr Ho regards Baa as “a member of my family” who has lived with him peacefully for eleven years, and said “I have to help her until the end of all of my capacity”. He has so far racked up over $150,000 in legal fees trying to fight the council’s bullying tactics.

If a local council ordered a taxpayer to remove a family dog or cat from their home we would be outraged, and we should be no less outraged in this instance. Baa is a beloved family member who by all accounts is also a loved member of the neighborhood. She used to spend her days peacefully eating grass and the treats provided to her by Mr Ho. Sheep and other so called ‘livestock’ have rich emotional lives and feel sadness, love, fear and other emotions just as do dogs and cats.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!