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Help Kinship Circle Rescue Sandy's Other-Than-Human Animal Victims

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Originally Posted: November 5, 2012

Help Kinship Circle Rescue Sandy's Other-Than-Human Animal Victims

FROM Kinship Circle Hurricane Sandy Animal Rescue


We need disaster funding. Seriously. Please donate.

Kinship Circle began animal care, then search-rescue, in hard hit New Jersey counties on 10/28/12.


Kinship Circle / Hurricane Sandy
7380 Kingsbury Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63130


Kinship Circle hurricane Sandy   Kinship Circle hurricane Sandy

We don’t know what we’ll find. It is day 6 for some. Our goal is to find them alive to reunite with guardians.

Red Cross Shelters in Atlantic County decide to close a day earlier than anticipated. Despite Sandy’s devastating impact on Jersey shores, Atlantic City dodged the worst. Kinship Circle volunteers assist in break down. With many evacuees and their animals able to return home, sheltering is consolidated and relocated to Atlantic City.

We’ve worked under agreement (MOU) with Atlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness since 10/28/12, to provide animal care and search-rescue for districts within this FEMA jurisdiction. Local volunteers and coordinator Mary Langford, DVM, are among the nicest and most devoted people we’ve met in a disaster zone!

Kinship Circle’s team leader, Cheri Deatsch, meets with Atlantic County’s Deputy Director to discuss further needs. With search-rescue winding down here, a call is made to nearby Ocean County emergency management agency to offer our services.

For more pictures, details, how to help, visit Kinship Circle Hurricane Sandy Animal Rescue

Thank you for everything you do for animals!