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Protect Lions under the Endangered Species Act

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Originally Posted: December 11, 2012

Protect Lions under the Endangered Species Act

[Ed. Note: Another Alert - Tell U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to List the African Lion as Endangered]

FROM Endangered Species Coalition


African lion populations have declined by more than 50 percent in just 30 years. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is accepting public comments now as they decide whether to protect these big cats under the Endangered Species Act. Please ask FWS to list African lions as endangered and help to give lions the chance to recover.

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lion endangered species
African lion with cubs in her natural habitat

I am writing to urge that the USFWS list the African lion as "Endangered Throughout its Range" under the Endangered Species Act.

Lions have disappeared from over 80% of their historic range, and their population declined by nearly 50% from just 1980 to 2002. The threats facing African lions today are numerous and reinforcing: habitat destruction and fragmentation, loss of traditional prey species, disease, and inevitable conflict with humans.

An additional threat that cannot be discounted is unsustainable trophy hunting and commercial trade in lion parts. The United States is by far the world’s largest importer of both commercially traded African lion parts and lion trophies. This trend is only increasing.

African lions are endangered throughout a significant portion of their range and as such, they meet the criteria of an Endangered listing under the Endangered Species Act. If listed as Endangered throughout their entire range, the importation of African lions and their parts into the United States would be banned.

Since the United States is the largest importer of African lion parts, listing them as Endangered would be a significant step in ensuring the long-term survival of this iconic and magnificent species.

Thank you for your consideration.


Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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