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Tell Redbox to stop selling tickets to Ringling Bros.

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Originally Posted: January 26, 2013

Tell Redbox to stop selling tickets to Ringling Bros.

FROM Animal Defenders International (ADI)


Redbox has expanded beyond just renting DVDs into… animal abuse?! It’s true, Redbox has started selling event tickets online and through their DVD kiosks in select cities, and their offerings include tickets to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus! Join Animal Defenders International to urge Redbox to stop selling circus tickets and pledge never to peddle tickets for any animal abusers.

Anne Saunders
President Redbox
c/o Senior Public Relations Manager
[email protected] 


Years of undercover investigations reveal that in traveling circuses, wild animals such as lions, tigers, bears, elephants and others suffer constant travel, long and arduous journeys; deprived environments, living in barren cages and temporary enclosures, cramped and confined, with no opportunity to perform their natural behaviors. In order to force them to do tricks they do not want to do, they are beaten with metal bars, clubs, baseball bats, bull hooks, whips and even sometimes electric shock devices.

However, even with the best will in the world, circuses can’t provide animals with the environment they need to maintain physical and psychological health. The abnormal behaviors observed so commonly in these animals indicates that they are not coping with their environment.


Sample email:

Dear Ms. Saunders,

I just became aware that Redbox is now selling tickets to Ringling Bros. Circus and I urge you to immediately sever ties with this notorious company and end these ticket sales.

Overwhelming evidence has shown that animals in traveling circuses endure confinement, physical and social deprivation, long, grueling journeys, brutal control methods and physical violence. Keeping elephants in chains, confining wild animals like lions and tigers in small cages, and forcing them to perform unnatural tricks for the sole purpose of human amusement should not be supported by Redbox.

Again, please do not tarnish your company’s reputation with this horrific animal abuse. Please end the sale of animal circus tickets and pledge not to peddle tickets for any animal abusers.


Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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