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Tell British Parliament to Keep Cruelty History...Do Not Repeal the Hunting Act

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Originally Posted: February 21, 2013

Tell British Parliament to Keep Cruelty History...Do Not Repeal the Hunting Act

FROM League Against Cruel Sports


PLEASE FORWARD TO FRIENDS/FAMILY IN THE UK. Sadly, the Hunting Act has never been so at risk. The Secretary of State, Owen Paterson has openly voiced his determination to see these barbaric blood sports return. So, while we celebrated the Act’s eighth anniversary, the League are also calling on MPs to renew their pledge to Keep Cruelty History.

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On the eighth anniversary of the Hunting Act the League has released its most shocking film to date to highlight the cruelty associated with hunting. Don’t Turn the Clock back to Cruelty, shows the brutal reality of hunting with dogs before the passing of the Act on 18th February 2005.

Spilt into six main sections, the film depicts what happens in each type of hunting, including how wild animals are hunted, chased to exhaustion before being caught and how they are ragged to death by baying hounds.

The Hunting Act took over eighty years of campaigning by the League and other animal welfare organisations to secure. Eight years on from the Act being passed and 237 prosecutions later, the League is today celebrating the success of the important piece of wildlife legislation by raising awareness of what would happen if the Act were to be repealed. 

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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