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Tell Iowa Senator to Introduce Legislation that Will to End Dog Racing

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Originally Posted: March 5, 2013

Tell Iowa Senator to Introduce Legislation that Will to End Dog Racing



Tell Iowa State Seantor Jeff Danielson to have his Committee introduce a greyhound decoupling bill as soon as possible. This measure would allow dog racing to end, and return millions in subsidy dollars to state programs.

State Senator Jeff Danielson
1007 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines IA 50319
(515) 281-3371
[email protected]


Just a few weeks ago we reported on the fate of DS Cyclone, a greyhound who was neglected in Iowa and died late last year. Sadly, she died only a few weeks after her third birthday. Although we can't help Cyclone, we can remember her by sending an e-mail today to Chair Danielson.

Please send your personal e-mail to [email protected] right away. If you have a rescued greyhound, tell Senator Danielson about your adopted friend and send him a photograph of him or her.

From, January 31, 2013:

Iowa Greyhound Trainer Fined, Suspended After Dog is Neglected and Dies

According to a state document, Iowa greyhound trainer Diann Yochum was recently fined and suspended after a dog in her care was neglected and eventually died. The incident started when greyhounds were being transferred from one kennel to another:

On November 21, 2012, while transferring greyhounds to a different kennel it was reported to the Board of Stewards that DS Cyclone, a greyhound under your care, was in poor health.

A state ruling for the case indicates that the dog had initially been seen by a veterinarian on November 1 for "weight loss and swollen hind legs." After an examination DS Cyclone was placed on an IV and given medication, which was to be administered over the next four days. The greyhound was then not seen again by a veterinarian until fifteen days later, on November 16. According to the ruling:

"DS Cyclone was observed in the crate by a licensed veterinarian, and still showed signs of weight loss and muscle mass loss and a poor prognosis was given for DS Cyclone returning to racing."

A state veterinarian then "discussed the option of euthanasia" with Yochum and kennel owner James Lovely but they "decided to wait and see if the greyhound would improve." According to the official state ruling, their delay "resulted in the further deterioration over a three-week period of DS Cyclone" and state regulators were informed on November 27 that the dog had died.

In taking action against Yochum, regulators found that she had neglected DS Cyclone:

The Board of Stewards find that you failed to provide sufficient and/or adequate veterinary care to DS Cyclone in a timely manner.

During the investigation, Yochum also admitted to investigators that she had failed to report the death of another greyhound a month earlier. That dog, named DS Trouble, was severely injured in October and "experienced paralysis of its hind quarters." Two days later, she was euthanized.

Over the past few years, Iowa greyhound breeders have fought hard to protect a multi-million dollar subsidy they receive from slot machine profits. Sadly, this neglect case proves that dog race subsidies do not guarantee adequate care. In 2009 alone kennel owner James Lovely received $229,681.95 in purse payments, and the least he could do is ensure that dogs in his kennel receive prompt veterinary care.

Greyhound racing is no longer viable in Iowa, and only continues because it is being artificially propped up. For the dogs, it's time to end greyhound racing in the Hawkeye state. 

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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