Tell Riverside CA County Fair Board: No More Exotic Animals
Action Alert from


Advancing the Interests of Animals
March 2014


Please contact the Riverside County Fair Board and ask them to stop permitting the display and abuse of exotic animals at the County Fair.

Fair Board
Riverside County Fair and Date Festival
Riverside County Fairgrounds
82-503 Hwy 111
Indio, CA 92201
[email protected]  


The 2014 Riverside County Fair and Date Festival just concluded and our team witnessed inhumane activities including a lone baby tiger posing with visitors for photographs, and a lethargic adult tiger lying on his side, unresponsive and breathing rapidly, with his small enclosure allowing no privacy nor place to hide. Ventilation around the animal enclosures was poor and the air was quite warm. Camel and saddled ostrich races occurred last year and were again on the schedule this year. We object to these events as being stressful and potentially hazardous to the animals and as being no more than exploitive spectacles for people to view.

Riverside County fair exotic animal displays
Tiger in cage at 2014 Riverside County Fair

Advancing the Interests of Animals and our campaign partner, Animal Defenders International oppose the display and use of exotic animals because the stress it places upon the animals, and the risk of injury it poses.

As reported February 28, 2014 in the Council Board's view is that "they appreciate the public's concerns" and that they bring in only "reputable animal groups to the fair that treat their animals with love and respect." We disagree.

Exotic animals should not be transported around for display or be forced to participate in races or shows. In fact, worldwide the use of exotic animals for entertainment is in rapid decline. Without animals like tigers, snakes, ostriches and tortoises, we believe the Fair would be just as enjoyable to most attendees. There are many entertainment alternatives that do not involve animals.

Soon, we will be making our case on behalf of the welfare of these animals in person at a meeting of the Riverside County Fair Board.

Let the Riverside County Fair Board know you want them to discontinue allowing exotic animals like big cats, zebras, monkeys and reptiles at future fairs.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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