Public 'Humane' Execution of Sheep To Take Place In Western North Carolina
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NAALPO North American Animal Liberation Press Office
October 2017


Asheville, NC: In a secret location (see address at bottom) nestled in the woods near Asheville, North Carolina, an innocent sheep will be coldly and cruelly murdered November 4th by two women who apparently are unfamiliar with the term oxymoron.

According to their website, the so-called farm named ‘Wild Abundance’ is charging $250 - $450 to anyone who wants to watch and learn the finer points and niceties of “humane slaughter” as the animal is executed for fun and profit.

Should you like to register your disgust and outrage with the perpetrators of this senseless, needless and bloody violence at ‘Wild Abundance,’ you may reach them at:

Wild Abundance
72 Sanford Way
Weaverville, NC 28787

[email protected]
Natalie Bogwalker - [email protected]

phone (828) 775-7052


Meredith Leigh and Natalie Bogwalker, the owners of ‘Wild Abundance’ and the two individuals perpetrating this egregious act, have even gone so far as to gallingly use the term ‘sacred’ in regards to this heinous killing of an innocent being.

Both women are former vegans who cynically transitioned to the realm of butchery for profit, as explained in their own words.

Last year, Ms. Leigh and Ms. Bogwalker murdered two sheep in retribution for the strenuous efforts of compassionate animal activists.

The movement towards do-it-yourself, backyard, "humane/ethical" slaughter is not only reinforcing the narrative that it's okay to use our power to take innocent life, it goes further to attempt to make killing a "sacred" way to "honor" animals. Regardless of how the animals are raised -- or the language and rituals accompanying the killing process -- the needless taking of innocent lives is cruel and inhumane. The normalizing of "hands-on" killing as natural and cause for celebration turns kindness into hardened callousness.

Perhaps the proposed killers should be reminded of the words of Professor Gary L. Francione, Distinguished Professor of Law and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law & Philosophy at Rutgers School of Law–Newark:

“When it comes to animal agriculture, there is conventional, which is really hideous, and "compassionate" or "certified humane" or whatever, which *may* be *slightly* less hideous. But it's all torture. It's all wrong. These "happy" gimmicks are just designed to make the public feel better about exploiting animals. Don't buy the propaganda of "happy" exploitation. Go vegan and promote veganism.”

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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