Dog ExploitationDog Exploitation - Man's Best Friend? - Not for Everyone!
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This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about dogs is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Dog Exploitation
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Wishful Thinking


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Dog Meat

Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 01
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 01) This dog butcher gestures to stop photographing his operation at the Moran Market on May 19, 2001. To us, it seems obvious that dog meat purveyors know perfectly well that most of the world disapproves of their "business," and they don't want the evidence circulated.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 02
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 02) A freshly killed dog lies on top of a cage of birds. Cuts of dog meat rest on top of another cage in the foreground.  All of this is visible to the caged dogs in the adjacent cages. This photo was also taken the Moran Market on May 19, 2001.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 03
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 03) There are no visible signs of compassion present at the Moran Market where dogs are forced to watch their fellow canines being slaughtered and cut up (background) for meat, with full knowledge that the same fate awaits them.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 04
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 04) Irish Setters are not the usual choice of dogs for slaughter in Korea, but at the Moran Market, all dogs are considered "meat".
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 05
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 05)  Children walk past cages of dogs awaiting slaughter at the Moran Market in Korea.  Watching the slaughtering process hardens their hearts toward the pain and suffering, until they feel nothing.  The more we harden young hearts, the more we perpetuate cruelty and violence in the world.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 06
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 06)  Jack Russell terriers are among the more common "meat dogs". If it isn't right for some people to eat dogs, then it isn't right for us to eat any other animal; for they all have emotions and feel pain, just like our beloved companions.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 07
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 07) At the top right of this photo, behind the cup, is a tray of cooked dog meat. To these people, there is no difference between a cooked dog and a cooked chicken. In the final analysis, there really isn't any difference. It is only a person's selective compassion that tries to differentiate.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 08
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 08) This is another photo of the caged animals at the Moran Market. Note the "tender little puppy" in the cage in the center of the picture.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 09
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 09) This is the wife of the dog butcher standing in front of an over-crowded cage of "meat dogs". Don't get angry at these Koreans because they treat dogs this way and eat their flesh. Our American farmers treat chickens and pigs the same way, and most people eat their dead bodies. We just need to look at ourselves in the mirror a little harder.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 10
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 10) This is a typical (and illegal) dog farm in a Korean countryside. In the city, people raise dogs in smaller numbers, nearly as pets, and then sell them to dog meat traders. It is easy to deceive the dogs and gain their trust, only to betray them in the end. This type of farm may be illegal, but the law isn't enforced any more than our U.S. humane slaughter laws are enforced, as we've been informed. All the animals suffer and die.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 11
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 11) This photo was obtained with a hidden camera. Although on paper these dog farms are illegal, the Korean government is doing nothing to enforce their laws. An even better solution is to stop the consumer desire for flesh. Compassion is better than the law!
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 12
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 12) Some traders raise a few dogs at a time and can sell them all in a day at the market. The prevalence of these small backyard operations is difficult to determine. There are usually a few residents in every neighborhood who raise dogs or steal or poison other people's pets in order to make a profit.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 13
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 13) Someone's stolen or abandoned Saint Bernard stands alone among the cages stuffed with dogs. The animal show signs of neglect. This is Moran Market in Sungnam City. It boasts the largest dog market in Korea. There are days of the week that are considered "dog days," when you can experience the true scope of this illegal trade. This photo was taken with hidden camera. Since the 1988 Seoul Olympics, word has spread that international animal welfare groups are campaigning against this industry, and dog meat dealers have become hostile to those who disapprove. In fact, you will now find plain-clothed guards posted at the markets to prevent foreigners from approaching. We have received reports of Saint Bernard dogs being raised for meat in China.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 14
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 14) Dogs are crammed so tightly in cages that there is no possible way for them to stand, much less be fed and watered as animal protection laws require. The real problem is that there is little or no compassion!
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 15
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 15) These large yellow dogs are considered the best for eating. Is this any different from talking about enjoying a thick juicy steak? There really isn't any difference. All flesh comes to a person's plate with pain, suffering, and death.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 16
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 16) This caged dog is being raised for food. Our neighbor has a companion dog who looks quite similar. All animals and humans want to enjoy life. If it's not right to choose to eat one dog over another, then it's not right to choose a pig, or chicken, or cow over a dog, either.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 17
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 17) Once the dog is selected, it is dragged away to its death. These animals are not stupid. They can sense danger and live with death all around them. Koreans believe that dogs die painfully will release more adrenaline into their flesh, creating a more potent and flavorful meat. This accounts for the savagely cruel methods of slaughtering.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 18
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 18) This is another dog being dragged to his or her death. Such photos give a whole new meaning to the term "hot dog". Think about these photos the next time someone is considering eating one.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 19
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 19) The dogs that are still caged see what is happening to their companions, and hear their howls of pain and fear as they are being tortured and slaughtered. The man on the right is using a torch to burn the fur off a dog.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 20
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 20) This is another dog who was killed and burned in front of his or her companions. If you think this is wrong, then remember that here in the United States, we do similar things to other animals when we slaughter them. There's no difference! It all must stop.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 21
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 21) If people are sickened when they see a photo like this one, and can still go on and eat their fried chicken and burgers, they are expressing how limited their sphere of compassion really is.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 22
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 22) Even the dogs' heads are considered a delicacy. But many people consider a whole roasted suckling pig to be a delicacy, too. There really is no difference.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 23
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 23) A pile of dog skin and feet testifies to the recent deaths. We human beings really need to evaluate our moral standards when it comes to the way we treat animals and each other.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 24
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 24) Is this table full of dog meat any different from the counters full of other animals' body parts that we see in the supermarkets? Oh, yes! There is a difference. In the supermarket the meat is wrapped in plastic.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 25
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 25) This is a dog meat kitchen. They love dogs, too in their stomachs.  But other humans love chickens, fish, pigs, lambs and calves the same way. It's time we stop eating any animals.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 26
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 26) In the Philippines, dogs are usually sold at markets while still alive, their front limbs dislocated and tied painfully behind their backs, and a jagged tin can rammed over their jaws to make them easier to handle. All in blatant disregard of a law that carries a minimal penalty which the police do not bother to even try to enforce.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 27
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 27) These Philippines dogs have been packed so tightly into this small cage that they can hardly breathe. Humans always seem to find ways of being cruel to those they consider to be inferior to themselves.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 28
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 28) Human depravity is quite evident in this photo of dogs packed so tightly into a cage that they can't move and can hardly breathe.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 29
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 29) This dog was found during an early morning raid of a small Philippines dog slaughterhouse. This dog had obviously been left in agony all night long. There always seems to be some depraved individual who has found a way of multiplying cruelty and inflicting it upon the innocent. This is truly an abomination before God.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 30
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 30) This is another photo of a Philippines dog being tortured by having his or her forelegs dislocated and tied behind his or her back and having a metal can forced over his or her mouth and nose.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 31
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 31) This is a closer look at the way cans are forced over the mouth and nose of these innocent dogs in the Philippines dog meat industry. Dogs don't perspire to lose heat as we humans do; they pant to allow evaporation of water from their tongues to keep them cool. This form of torture prevents them from panting.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 32
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 32) This dog is cruelly being dragged across a crowded Philippines street to his or her continued torture and death. Human beings will never know peace in this world until we learn to have compassion for every living being and stop atrocities like these.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 33
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 33) These dogs have been crammed into these small cages, loaded two deep on this truck, and are on their way to a market in Korea where they will be slaughtered for their meat, and fur.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 34
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 34) This photo, of what appears to be an ungutted roasted dog lying on top of a cage of living dogs, was taken at the Moran Market outside of Seoul, Korea. Not only was the roasted dog tortured to death, but they use the dead body to torment the still living dogs. In our opinion, this is not a national tradition; it is a national disgrace.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 35
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 35) Roasted dogs and dog meat on display at the Moran Market near Seoul, Korea. If people think it's wrong to mistreat and eat dogs, then it should be equally wrong to mistreat and eat any other animals, too. Stop the cruelty! Stop eating meat and animal products.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 36
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 36) This is another photo of the roasted dogs being sold at the Moran Market near Seoul, Korea. Note the live animal cages in the background. The people seem to have no concern for the suffering they cause.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 37
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 37) The killing block at the Moran Market near Seoul, Korea, where all the sights, sounds, and smells of the animals being killed are right in front of the dogs that remain alive. They have to know what is going to happen to them!
Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 38
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Meat - 38) These dogs are supposedly being shipped to a restaurant in the Philippines for slaughter. Note the extremely crowded conditions and the band around each dog's mouth, which adds to the cruel treatment. Dog's cannot sweat as humans do to cool themselves when their body temperature is too warm; they pant. And since they can't open their mouths to pant in this warm climate, this cruel treatment only adds to their misery.

Dog Fur

Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 01
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 01) In China, dogs are raised and sold for their fur and meat. These dogs are chained up in the market place awaiting their fate.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 02
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 02) This dog has been killed for his or her fur and meat. The man on the left has begun skinning the dog by slitting the skin on the hind leg.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 03
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 03) Based on the way that this woman is dressed, it appears that she came to this market to buy the dog meat after the dog had been skinned for his or her fur. Her utter lack of compassion is expressed by the way she helps the slaughterer split the dog in half.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 04
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 04) The dog skins are being scraped clean beside this stream. If you don't think it's all right to wear dog fur, then it's not all right to wear the fur of any other animal, either; for they all suffer and die for human greed.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 05
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 05) This dog watches and waits in terror as other dogs are killed and skinned for their fur, knowing that his or her turn will be next.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 06
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 06) No matter how bad you may think this Chinese dog killing field is, it is no worse than what is done to other animals in our modern slaughterhouses where animals are also killed and skinned for their meat, fur, and leather. If it's not right to do this to dogs, it's not right to do this to other animals, either.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 07
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 07) A dog skinner holds a fat covered knife after skinning the dog on the left.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 08
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 08) A freshly skinned dog lies by the side of the stream. Here, dogs are definitely not "man's best friend."
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 09
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 09) At this market, a young dog, who has been tied up in a sack, is being weighed, while another dog awaits his or her turn.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 10
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 10) These two dogs are in full sight and sound of the horror that awaits them. We cannot fully love a dog or another animal, if we also eat animals; for part of our heart has been hardened to his or her pain and suffering.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 11
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 11) In this photo two men pull on the hind legs of this skinned dog, while a third man cleaves the dog in half. In the United States we have no right to complain about what is done to dogs in other countries, as long as we do the same things to other animals.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 12
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 12) Another freshly killed dog is about to be skinned for her fur. Some of this fur ended up in the United States as fur trim on coats, parkas and other garments. It's time we treat all animals as our companions and not just a select few!
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 13
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 13) This is a truckload of cages packed full of dogs and cats on the way to a Chinese fur factory where they will be killed and skinned for their fur.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 14
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 14) This is a closer look at the cages full of dogs on the truck.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 15
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 15) We can see the pleading look on this dog's face. "Why are you doing this to me and my companions? Please help us!"
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 16
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 16) Another forlorn dog on his or her way to be killed for nothing more than a human's lust for his or her fur.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 17
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 17) When the truck arrives at the factory, the cages full of living dogs and cats are deliberately dropped from the top of the pile down to the bed of the truck, which often caused serious injury and broken bones. This is all part of the beauty of fur coats and trim.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 18
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 18) The man on the bed of the truck then kicks the cage over to the edge of the truck. The cruelty continues.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 19
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 19) Then the man kicks the cage full of living dogs off the bed of the truck, allowing it to fall another four feet to the concrete floor below. People need to know the cruelty that go into fur - tell them!
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 20
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 20) Then the men pick up the cage and set it on a pile of other dogs.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 21
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fur - 21) So many dogs have been crammed into this cages that they no room to move. Cruelty adorns itself in someone else's fur. Don't wear fur!


Dog Exploitation - Research - 01
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 01) To test the effects of burns, this dog was burned alive at the Shriner's Hospital, Cincinnati, USA. Courtesy of P.E.T.A. (1980's-1990's) This particular research project may no longer be going on, but similar atrocities are still going on in laboratories all over the world. If these researchers were really compassionate, they could have tried to help the animals that are accidentally burned in fires every year, and lovingly cared for them instead of thrusting them in wire cages.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 02
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 02) This dog's leg was deliberately shattered with a hammer for the purpose of inducing psychological stress. The dog received no anesthetic nor medical treatment during or after the injury was inflicted. Photo drawn from: Entering the Gates of Hell, IAAPEA (1980's). This is another example of the insanity that is going on in laboratories all over the world. If these researchers really wanted to help, they could have applied their "skills" in trying to help real accident victims.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 03
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 03) This dog was rescued from a laboratory where it had been subjected to experiments on his hind legs. Photo drawn from JAVA (Japan Anti Vivisection Association). (1990's). There are so many real situations from which to derive research data, where care-givers could do some actual good, that these kinds of experiments are rendered totally unnecessary. Stop supporting organizations that fund laboratory experiments on animals.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 04
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 04) These dogs were killed after experiments in the CBSC laboratories, Burlington, USA, 1990. Courtesy of P.E.T.A. (1980's-1990's). We have not found one instance where such laboratory research couldn't have been done in the process of helping humans and non-humans in real-life situations.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 05
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 05) This is one of the 32 dogs in which liver cirrhosis has been induced experimentally (Porto Rico University). Photo drawn from: Annual Pictorial Review of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Vivisection (1950's - early 1970's)
Dog Exploitation - Research - 06
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 06) This dog was killed after being used in teaching experiments in a Japanese University, Faculty of Veterinary, 15/5/91. Photo given by JAVA (Japan Anti Vivisection Association). Surely, whatever was taught in this situation could have been more effectively learned in actual clinical settings that helped the animals, and with the use of video tapes of actual veterinary care.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 07
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 07) This picture was taken by PETA activists during an inspection at the Wright State University. [Courtesy of PETA (1990's).]
Dog Exploitation - Research - 08
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 08) It's one thing to perform surgery on a dog who has an illness or injury in order to cure him or her, as we do with our fellow human beings; but to deliberately cut open a healthy dog for whatever reason is an affront to God and to humanity.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 09
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 09) To us, there seems to be no limit to the atrocities that human beings can devise in the name of "science."
Dog Exploitation - Research - 10
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 10) Note the expression of fear and misery in this dog's face as he or she cowers even from the photographer. Stop supporting any organization that funds research on animals.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 11
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 11) This dead beagle is just so much trash to the vivisectors in this facility; and from what we have observed and learned, this is the norm.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 12
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 12) These innocent dogs have been placed in prison cells. They pine away in their loneliness, only to be tortured at the whim of humans. In our opinion, the wrong beings are in prison.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 13
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 13) Placed in solitary confinement, this beagle is forced to suffer alone from the evils that have been inflicted upon him or her.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 14
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 14) We began publishing this series on animal exploitation because the atrocities were too great to ignore, even though compiling such documentation made us "sick to our stomachs." When will we humans wake up to the fact that we don't have the right to do these things, even though we have the power to do them. An abuse of power is evil.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 15
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 15) These dogs are held up in harnesses so that they can't even lie down. Note how the dog to the left, on the back counter, has slumped in the harness. These dogs are no different from our companions we have at home; and they deserve to be treated just as compassionately, which will never happen in a research facility.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 16
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 16) Really look into the face of this dog and feel the sadness and loneliness of being in an isolation cell.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 17
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 17) This beagle is willing to be one of "man's best friends." He or she is even willing to forgive those who have tormented him or her. Every person who has a canine companion knows this about the character of dogs. These researchers are looking in all the wrong places for their answers; and yet the truth is right before their "blind" eyes and "deaf" ears.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 18
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 18) Even the puppies are kept in prison. God created every living being (soul) to enjoy His creation and not to be subjected to such evils.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 19
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 19) This is another photo of innocent dogs who have been confined in prison cells. For most, if not all, this is death row.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 20
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 20) Look at the pleading look on this dog's face. He doesn't even have a soft place to lie down. Even the floor is composed of metal bars.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 21
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 21) What is the defect in the human soul that allows some people to imprison certain dogs and experiment on them, and then go home and pat their own dogs on the head as though everything is just fine?
Dog Exploitation - Research - 22
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 22) Before they are experimented upon, these young beagles trustingly seem happy to see humans, which makes what people do to them that much more evil.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 23
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 23) Cell after cell of cold hard metal and isolation. In these laboratories there is no compassion, no comfort, and only loneliness, suffering and death.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 24
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 24) Look at the starved condition of this dog. He or she must be near death.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 25
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 25) Billions of our tax dollars and charitable donations are given to research facilities where animals are tormented. Is this what you want? If not, speak up! Write letters!
Dog Exploitation - Research - 26
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 26) Researchers grafted the head of one dog onto another dog just to demonstrate that they have the power to do so. Such an experiment is absolutely ungodly.
Dog Exploitation - Research - 27
(Dog Exploitation - Research - 27) We were sent this photo of a beagle that had been experimented upon in New Zealand. For any institution, or government, or people to condone such an atrocity being committed upon another living being, shows the sociopathic nature of that society.


Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 01
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 01) This is a video still of a supposedly stray dog being shot by US solders in Iraq. The dust from the bullet going through the dog can be see in the air to the left of the dog, who is still very much alive and screaming in pain. See video clip
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 02
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 02) The dog looks up in seeming disbelief that anyone would inflict so much pain on him or her. And all the solders do is joke about the dog's will to live and keep shooting. We teach our young men to kill, but we don't seem to teach them that this is going too far. This is one of the reasons we are against all war and killing. See video clip
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 03
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 03) The next bullet almost explosively flips the dog up over backwards. From the voices of the solders, they seem to be hunting dogs. These men are probably better trained in the "art of killing" than most hunters, and yet they can't make a "clean kill." This also proves how ridiculous the "clean kill" claims of hunters rally are. See video clip
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 04
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 04) This dog is still very much alive and screaming in pain as the ungodly acting soldier approaches. See video clip
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 05
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 05) As the dog tries to get up again, the soldier shoots two more time and flips the dog back over again, and the dog is still not dead. In all it took at least 5 bullets for these brave soldiers to kill this innocent dog.  This is not collateral damage; this is an atrocity. See video clip
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 06
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 06) Similar to what happened in Iraq with stray dogs, at the 2005 European Basketball Championship in Belgrade, Sponsored by FIBA (Federation Internationale de Basketball) the games were stained with blood due to the massive extermination of hundreds upon thousands of Companion Animals (Dogs and Cats (Pets)). Part of the responsibility for this cruelty rests with humans who refuse to spay and neuter their companion animals and who let them run free in the neighborhood.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 07
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 07) Caught dogs and cats are transported on “Dog Catcher” trucks which also contain the bodies of dead animals that have already been poisoned and have been lying in the streets in cities and towns throughout Serbia.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 08
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 08) A captures live cat looks at the dead dogs. Animal control in Serbia consists of: paying hunters for each animal killed (hunters present the animal’s tail for payment), poison such as T-61 and Kreozan which kills by suffocation, drenching the animal with gasoline and burning them to death and other barbaric methods such as beating, stoning and hanging.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 09
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 09) This is a look inside Belgrade’s housing for animals, the notorious city animal pound, OVCA. Such cruelty is inexcusable, but if people take responsibility for their companion animals, these things would not take place.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 10
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 10) This is another look inside Belgrade’s housing for animals, the notorious city animal pound, OVCA.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 11
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 11) This woman mourns the death of a beloved companion dog.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 12
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 12) There is no excuse for using these cruel methods of controlling stray animal populations. When responsible citizens and government work together, no animals have to die. This has been proven by AnimalKind in the city of Hudson, NY, and in the surrounding communities.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 13
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 13) In Spain, at the end of hunting season, when the dogs are of no further "use" to the hunters, they are hanged to death and left to rot.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 14
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 14) This hanged dog is further evidence that proves that when people harden their hearts to kill another living being, as is done in the so-call "sport of hunting," they are not far from killing anyone, even "man's best friend."
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 15
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 15) We believe that a large part of the reason that atrocities like this continue to happen is because the Church has been silent or complicate when it comes to humans killing animals. They know perfectly well that any such act of violence hardens the heart and leads to more violence, as is the case here. It's time the Church truly become pro-life!
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 16
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 16) God gave us the fruit of every tree for food, the kind of food that causes no pain or suffering or death. Yet here in this orchard, God's gift is being desecrated, by the satanic act of hanging a "worthless" dog at the end of hunting season.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 17
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 17) Thousands of dogs continue to be killed daily, with cruelty hard to be imagined by the Bucharest City Hall. Most of the killings occur at night, and police has been used to keep people away. The main mass media in Romania is supporting the authorities, so please help us to make it public. The Mayor of Bucharest menaced to use riot police to disband any protest. City Hall inside information says that at least 1000 dogs are brutally destroyed daily.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 18
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 18) A dog cull in China: On Sep 27, 10 urban administration officers in Dongguan went to Shangjiangcheng village to kill stray dogs, and led to a local villagers' riot. The administrators beat 7-8 dogs to death in 5 minutes. They put the dogs onto the trash in the truck. The blood dyed the ground, frightening some women. Three young men ran out and tried to stop them from killing dogs with kitchen knives. Some villagers complained that the violent scene would scare children nearby; some complained that they lost their watchdogs that guarded their families...
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 19
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 19) This is another Chinese dog cull photo.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 20
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 20) Dogs beaten to death in a Chinese pound with another waiting for the same fate.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 21
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 21) Rosa Mertens sent us this and the following photo of cruelty inflicted on sled dogs in Greenland.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 22
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 22) This is another of the Greenland cruelty photos.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 23
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 23) This, and the following photos are also from the cruel Chinese dog culling operations, where dogs are beaten to death. This dying dog lifts his or her head in a final effort to live.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 24
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 24) It is bad enough to humanely euthanize a dog with an injection in a pound, but to deliberately torture a dog to death, or any other animal, as these mean are doing is straight out of hell. These scenes show the depravity of the Chinese government and the people who carry out their orders.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 25
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 25) This dog is being strangled with the snare that is being used to drag him down the street.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 26
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 26) This dog is not being beaten to death on the street, but the same cruel sentence of death awaits him or her in the pound. There is no kindness; there is no compassion; there is only terror, pain, and suffering.
Dog Exploitation -Cruelty - 27
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 27) This dog is in the process of being snared and dragged off to the pound. When will the human race come to its senses and stop seeing killing and death as a solution to its problems and the fulfillment of its desires, and begin to treat all other living being with love and compassion?
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 28
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 28) In this photo, the dog is about to be shot. Note also the utter disregard for the safety of the woman standing in front of the truck. To us, this shows the depraved nature of these killers; their only desire is to kill.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 29
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 29) This dog is desperately trying to escape the dog killers.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 30
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 30) This dog has been snared and is about to be cruelly beaten to death. Why do so many people seek an evil way to solve their problems.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 31
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 31) One man holds the dog down with the snare while the other one methodically beats the dog to death. Pure evil! If they would only mandate spaying and neutering, within a few years they would no longer have an overpopulation problem.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 32
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 32) And another dog is being beaten to death. The carnage continues...
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 33
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 33) There is something very morally wrong in a country where the brutal beating to death of a dog becomes a public spectacle.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 34
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 34) And another dead dog is dragged away...
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 35
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 35) Two more dead dogs...the carnage goes on and on.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 36
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 36) If you believe that the brutal treatment of animals must end here and elsewhere in the world, then you need to speak out and tell everyone you can, and encourage them to do the same, and to demand an end to the abuse and exploitation of animals. Public outcry can and will make a difference.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 37
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 37) This is another terrified dog that is about to be beaten to death. Our thanks to Emile Lim for translating the text. The sentence at the top of the picture means: the tool used to hit the dogs are well made. It looks like much effort had been made to make the tool. The sentence below means: cute little puppies. however, they can't live long.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 38
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 38) To us, it appears that this dog is being snared and dragged away from her home, where she has been cared for. Our thanks to Emily Lim for translating the text. The sentence on top means: poor mother dog and puppies. The sentence below means: the mother dog was so scared that she urinated.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 39
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 39) This dog has been dragged off her porch and is in the process of being brutally murdered. Oh how proud these he-men must be of themselves! But to us, they are nothing but cowards.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 40
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 40) Another innocent dog is being tortured and killed by the government.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 41
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 41) This is another dog that was brutally beaten to death.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 42
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 42) The murdered dog lies on the public sidewalk.
Dog Exploitation -Cruelty - 43
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 43) Everyone in the world needs to see how badly beaten this dog is and begin to speak out and demand an end to the cruelty.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 44
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 44) And the carnage goes on...
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 45
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 45) In the Bible we are told that the blood of Able cried out from the ground to God, and so does this dog's blood cry out as a testimony against her brutal and sadistic killers.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 46
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 46) The bodies of these dead dogs may be buried in a garbage dump, but we and others will make sure that they are never hidden from sight. Please help us keep this carnage in front of the public eye, until the outcry become so loud that the cruelty ends.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 47
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 47) Podenca: We don't know the circumstances surrounding this cruelty case, but it is something that we all have to take a stand against.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 48
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 48) Cedrik: We all need to speak out and take a stand against this, and all other kinds of cruelty and neglect.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 49
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 49) As can be plainly seen in the eyes of this dog, all she or he wants is a loving home away from pain and suffering.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 50
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 50) These rescued dogs also want a loving home away from pain and suffering.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 51
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 51) Note the untreated right hind paw injury on this dog.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 52
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 52) Stellina: She also needs a loving home away from pain and suffering. We need to spay and neuter all companion animals!
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 53
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 53) Pointer: This poor dog is suffering from an untreated broken hip and neglect.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 54
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 54) Annamaria sent us this and the following 3 photos of stray and unwanted dogs and cats in Serbia that are killed and thrown in the garbage dump, as if they were just so much trash.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 55
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 55) Human neglect and indifference to the suffering of animals is the main cause of companion animal overpopulation, and leads to the killing and trashing of the unwanted ones.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 56
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 56) This Serbian garbage dump graphically shown the indifference of many humans to the welfare and rights and these once living, breathing, feeling, and loving animals.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 57
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 57) Help stop this kind of cruelty by supporting the spaying and neutering of all companion animals and the adoption into loving homes of all stray and unwanted ones.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 58
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 58) A priest in the Greek town of Chios waits for his bag of the government-sanctioned poison used to kill stray dogs. If anyone can understand mercy and grace it should be our spiritual leaders. Please urge your local church officials to take a stand against cruelty.
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 59
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 59) This is a video still of a U.S. soldier identified as David Motari, as he dangles the puppy by the scruff of the neck with a cunning grin. See video clip
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 60
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 60) A second, unidentified U.S. soldier bends around in front of the camera and whimsically interjects, "oh so cute, so cute, little puppy.." See video clip
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 61
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 61) Here we see a centered shot of this non-threatening, innocent puppy which also appears to be relatively healthy (not emaciated, wounded, or in pain, etc.) ... See video clip
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 62
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 62) The U.S. soldier identified as David Motari, proceeds to pull the puppy back...See video clip
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 63
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 63) The U.S. soldier identified as David Motari, then yanks the puppy back in a swinging motion...See video clip
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 64
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 64) To our horror, we see U.S. soldier David Motari sling the puppy while callously muttering "oh, oh, oh, I tripped..." See video clip
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 65
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 65) As the camera continues recording, we hear the puppy yelping...See video clip
Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 66
(Dog Exploitation - Cruelty - 66) ..., And shrieking out of sheer terror of inherently knowing his/her certain fate approaching within seconds. The puppy descends into the distant rocky ravine. The unidentified soldier says, "That was mean... that was mean Motari..." The camera pans back to David Motari responding with an unconcerned shrug and a smirk. Laughter is heard from behind the camera. See video clip


Dog Exploitation - Sport - 01
(Dog Exploitation - Sport - 01) One of the sled dogs is being dragged on the ice. It is either dead or unconscious, and most likely the musher has fallen asleep in the sled. This is using dogs for the pleasure of humans, and as we can see here, it can result in injury and death.
Dog Exploitation - Sport - 02
(Dog Exploitation - Sport - 02) The sled dogs in this compound are tethered to poles with just enough length to allow the dogs to enter their shelters and to get food and water. It is obvious to us, from this photo, that these dogs are not companions, they are possessions. They may be "cared for" in much the same way as car racers care for their vehicles, but they are not loved.
Dog Exploitation - Sport - 03
(Dog Exploitation - Sport - 03) This photo gives us a closer look at the chain tethers that are used to keep these sled dogs confined. This dog is obviously bored and frustrated and has resorted to digging as a way to occupy his or her time. These dogs aren't even allowed the pleasure of playing together.
Dog Exploitation - Sport - 04
(Dog Exploitation - Sport - 04) There has been a lot of "glamour" associated with mushing and dog sled racing, particularly with the Iditarod. But the glamour is for some humans and not for the dogs. The dogs may seem eager, since being faced with a choice between the boredom of the compound or pulling a sled, the dogs may choose to pull the sled; but that is really the result of the psychology of raising sled dogs. All the pent-up energy and boredom is channeled into sled pulling; in other words, the dogs are being manipulated. Do not support these inhumane practices. Dogs should not be USED. They should be loved.
Dog Exploitation - Sport  - 04a
(Dog Exploitation - Sport - 04a) An animal activist had heard rumors about the treatment of dogs used in Iditarod and other dog sled races, so she went to the compound of a well-known Iditarod "celebrity," Mitch Seavy, and took pictures of how the dogs live when not racing. The living conditions she witnessed surpassed her fears.
Dog Exploitation - Sport  - 04b
(Dog Exploitation - Sport - 04b) The dogs at Mitch Seavey's compound live the majority of their lives on chains.
Dog Exploitation - Sport - 04c
(Dog Exploitation - Sport - 04c) Another image of Iditarod "celebrity" Mitch Seavey's compound. This was taken in the summer and validates that the chained dogs had only mud or their plastic barrels to stand or lie on.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 05
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 05) These greyhounds were found in an Idaho dump near the dog track. They were shot or bludgeoned to death. Everyone who supports dog racing, also supports this cruelty. When these beautiful dogs can no longer earn money, they are considered nothing but trash.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 06
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 06) Some former racing greyhounds continue to be treated badly after their racing days are over. These dogs were kept in filthy conditions while being used for research in a university laboratory, only to end their lives crammed into garbage cans. To us, these ungodly acts show how depraved some human beings can become. Anyone who goes to a dog track or bets on a race is just as guilty of these atrocities as those who tortured and murdered these dogs.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 07
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 07) These racing dogs were left to be killed at a Massachusetts shelter (Pittsfield, MA). They were from Green Mountain Track, Vermont (now closed). Our hope and prayer is that everyone would boycott every dog track until they all close.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 08
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 08) At the end of the racing season, this emaciated dog was brought to be killed. This is just another case of use them, abuse them, neglect them, and throw them away, which shows how hard of heart these people are.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 09
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 09) This is one of the ten starving greyhounds who were found in South Phoenix pens with little food and no water. Such situations confirm our opinion that people who are involved in an animal exploitation business have no true love or compassion.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 10
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 10) For a person to allow a dog to starve like this one shows how evil some people can become.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 11
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 11) This is another starving dog that was rescued from a racing kennel in Connecticut. The only way to permanently stop this cruelty is to make dog racing a thing of the past. Don't support dog racing. Tell others about the cruelty. Write letters to your newspapers and elected officials.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 12
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 12) This is one of two greyhounds who were bludgeoned and thrown into a dumpster outside of a racing kennel in Arizona. This is just another example of how evil people in the dog racing industry really are. They seem totally devoid of any love and compassion.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 13
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 13) These are the decapitated remains of some "spent" greyhound racing dogs who were sent to a research laboratory to be experimented upon.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 14
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 14) "He's my Denny," two-year old male greyhound racing at the Daytona Beach Kennel Club died on January 28, 1996 from untreated, gangrenous wounds sustained in a dog fight five days earlier. The dog was discovered when nearby greyhound adoption volunteers heard him whimpering in his crate. The dog's trainer and caregiver was arrested on a charge of felony animal cruelty. A kennel assistant was arrested on a misdemeanor animal abandonment charge. The ultimate solution to ending this cruel racing industry is to shut it down by turning public opinion against it and ending its income through lack of attendance at the tracks.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 15
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 15) This is a photo of leg injuries that were found on a racing greyhound at a Massachusetts shelter.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 16
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 16) Racing greyhounds often get sores from being constantly muzzled. This New Hampshire racer shows injuries from having his or her mouth taped shut. The cruelty will never end until this industry ends. If a race track in located near you or in your state, speak out against it. Refer people to this and other web sites so they can see for themselves.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 17
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 17) This racing greyhound has open sores from being excessively caged on hard surfaces.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 18
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 18) This is another photo of the open sores that the greyhound racing industry causes by excessive caging of the dogs on hard surfaces.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 19
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 19) Because these greyhounds were considered too slow at a New England race track, they were killed. As far as we are concerned, the people in this industry have lost all credibility when they say, "If we didn't care for the dogs, we wouldn't make any money. It is obvious that the only thing they care about is the money.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 20
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 20) This is another example of the correctness of the Biblical teaching that: "the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil." (1 Timothy 6:10) These dogs were killed because they were considered too slow at a New England race track.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 21
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 21) This photo is from Asociación Las Nieves shows the brutal treatment that Greyhounds suffer. Help save the dogs - Stop Dog Racing.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 22
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 22) Some people may argue that this is an isolated case that has nothing to do with the "sport," and that may be true to some extent, that is, if we eliminate the underlying cause. Once a society's moral values descends to the point that the exploitation of any living being as considered acceptable, that society opens its doors up to all sorts of abuses, such as the one depicted here.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 23
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 23) Some people don't like to think of other people as being evil, but there should be no misinterpretation of the fact that the torture and suffering inflicted upon this dog was evil.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 24
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 24) And if there is still any doubt that animal exploitive "sport" attract evil, this decomposed body of a once beautiful greyhound that was left to rot, should dispel any of those doubts. Speak out! Stop the exploitation of animals.
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 25
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 25) Racing dogs left to be killed at a Massachusetts shelter (Pittsfield, MA) from Green Mountain Track, Vermont (now closed).
Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 26
(Dog Exploitation - Sport of Dog Racing - 26) Police in Baldwin County, Alabama, discovered this graveyard with hundreds of dogs, shot after they "failed" to win races across the state line in Florida's dog racing industry.


Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 01
(Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 01) This, and the following three photos are of an actual abuse case in which the perpetrator, Stephen Scott King, an Oregon "trainer", was convicted. In this photo, King jerks a metal choke chain around a dog's neck with such force that he breaks it.
Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 02
(Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 02) The broken choke chain is flying through the air. It's just above the dog's back. The best way to stop animal abuse is to report all instances.
Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 03
(Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 03) In this photo, King hanging a dog while Lottie Stagg, his assistant, watches attentively. There is no excuse for animal cruelty!
Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 04
(Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 04) The dog's eyes are literally popping out of his head. Stop Animal Abuse! Report all cases!
Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 05
(Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 05) This little guy is a Hairless Terrier, and one of the worse abuse cases we've ever seen. He was rescued from a horrible breeder. He has zero body fat left, and his skin is so irritated it looks like he has been dipped in boiling water. He had spent a year living in a single shower stall with his sisters before he was rescued.
Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 06
(Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 06) Big Girl was found on the ground weighing less than the chain around her neck. She had clearly been starved—she was a pile of bones and had raw, mostly hairless skin with absolutely no body fat. A veterinarian later told us that Big Girl's stomach contained nothing but dirt, leaves, a piece of corn cob with two kernels on it, and a piece of dry, caked fecal matter. Big Girl had been left to suffer for so long that she had begun to decompose. Four different generations of maggots were eating away at her body. When we gently peeled her off the ground, she moaned. She could not see us or hear us, but we hope she knew that we were there to help her. We sent Big Girl off to heaven with kind words and a gentle lethal injection. We wished we could have ended her misery much, much sooner.
Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 07
(Dog Exploitation - Abuse - 07) Half Nelson was found tied to a fence in a Brooklyn neighborhood. Completely emaciated, with serious Demodexic mange, obviously neglected for years. Thank God, a rescue has saved him from the high kill shelter, but his story, that is his medical story, will continue for some time.


Dog Exploitation - Dog Fighting - 01
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fighting - 01) In our opinion, people who train dogs to fight and kill one another, and those who support such events, or allow them to exist, are morally and ethically bankrupted. They are a blight on our society.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fighting - 02
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fighting - 02) Do what ever you can to end the so-called sport of dog fighting. See the information at the top of the right column.
Dog Exploitation - Dog Fighting - 03
(Dog Exploitation - Dog Fighting - 03) Dog fighting is evil and an abomination before God.

Puppy Mills

Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mills - 01
(Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mills - 01) Note the injuries and signs of abuse on this rescued dog from a "back yard" puppy mill breeder, where dogs are bred for the pet store trade. Do not support this abuse, do not buy animals from pet stores. Be compassionate, adopt companion animals from rescue organizations.
Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mill - 02
(Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mills - 02) This is another photo of a rescued dog that graphically shows the abuse and mistreatment often suffered by breeding dogs in puppy mills. Don't buy...adopt!
Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mill - 03
(Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mills - 03) This photo is of an Asian puppy mill where the dogs are being bred for their meat and fur. The wire bottom of the cage hurts the dogs feet and is very uncomfortable to lay upon. This cage is the only home this dog will ever know. There is no place to exercise. There is no comfort. There is only loneliness and suffering until the dog is cruelly slaughtered for his or her meat and fur.
Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mill - 04
(Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mills - 04) This is another photo is of an Asian puppy mill where the dogs are being bred for their meat and fur. When the babies are in the cage, they provide a small metal plate for the puppies to stand on. This is not done out of kindness, but so that the puppies don't break a leg, which would take away their profits.
Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mill - 05
(Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mills - 05) These puppies will live their short lives exposed to whatever temperature and weather conditions prevail. They are some of the lucky dogs in puppy mills because they have some form of shelter. They live on cement, and have to walk in their own excrement week after week.
Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mill - 06
(Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mills - 06) Puppy mills exist solely for profit, with the dogs treated like puppy-producing machines who turn food into puppies, much like hens who are “farmed” for their eggs. This mother could be bred two to three times a year for up to ten years until she is no longer productive. She might be shot or drowned when she is no longer capable of producing profit, i.e., puppies.
Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mill - 07
(Dog Exploitation - Puppy Mills - 07) Forced to live in such horrendous living conditions, breeder dogs are often crammed into cages for years at a time, without any socialization or exercise. Females are bred as frequently as possible, often every six months, until they are no longer capable of producing large enough litters and are disposed of. Many puppy mill dogs are debarked by having a metal rod shoved down their throats. This limits the possibility of “neighbors” complaining.

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Dog Exploitation - 1 Dog Exploitation - 2 If these reality photos are disturbing, and you don't believe such things should be done to dogs, then set the proper example by not doing such things to any animals, and by not supporting those who do.  Stop eating or wearing animal products or supporting any activity that exploits animals, and tell others why you stopped.

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