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An Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery Presentation from

This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about Fish is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Table of Contents

Fish - Bow Fishing - 01
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 01)  Bow fishing, like all forms of sport hunting and fishing, pits the skill of the hunter against an innocent and defenseless animal.  They enjoy what they do, but the fish, who have no way of defending themselves, suffer immensely and die. To take pleasure in spilling blood and causing pain and death is demonic and a sin against God.  Fish are living souls just as we are, and they should have the right to enjoy life as God intended.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 02
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 02)  The arrow violently slices through the fish's body causing immense pain.  The fish immediately begins to thrash to save his or her live and to be free of the pain.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 03
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 03)  The bow fisherman begins to pull in the line which is attached to the end of the arrow, and the fish is pulled closer to the boat, while still struggling to be free
Fish - Bow Fishing - 04
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 04)  Hunters like to brag about their "clean kills", but from our investigations, these are extremely rare, as is the case with this fish who continues to struggle violently to save his or her life.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 05
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 05)  Even with the arrow sticking completely through this fish, he or she continues to thrash violently and splashing the water with his or her tail.  The fish is obviously in great pain and struggling to be free.  For anyone to enjoy watching this kind of suffering, it shows the depravity that is with their soul.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 06
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 06)  The thrashing becomes even more violent as the fish is lifted closer to the surface.  It is obvious that these bow fisherman don't understand, or don't want to understand, what Jesus taught us to pray for:  "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."  If they did understand, they would realize that there is no death in heaven, and to deliberately cause death, particularly for pleasure, is going totally against this beloved prayer, and our heavenly Fathers will.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 07
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 07)  This fish is doing everything he or she can to live, but it's a futile effort.  Do the fisherman care?  No...they're only interested in killing, and in the "fun" that they are having at the expense of another living being.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 08
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 08)  Because of the violent struggle, the fisherman eases the pull on the line, giving the fish a false sense of thinking that he or she is succeeding in trying to get away.  All it really is, is more cruelty.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 09
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 09)  Once again the violently thrashing and suffering fish is pulled to the surface of the shallow water.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 10
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 10)  The fish is being lifted out of the water and the full weight of the fish is now bearing down on the flanged arrowhead causing even more pain.  But this is of no concern to the fisherman; he is enjoying himself too much to care about the suffering fish.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 11
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 11)  As the fish is lifted up, he or she keeps twisting abound the shaft of the arrow is a frantic attempt to escape.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 12
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 12)  The impaled fish is then lifted up over the rail of the boat.  In addition to the pain of the arrow, the fish is now gasping for breath, as it gills are not designed to work properly out of the water.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 13
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 13)  Holding the struggling fish by the shaft of the arrow, the fish is lowered partially into the boat.  To treat any living being like this is cruel and inhumane, if not sadistic.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 14
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 14)  The two fishermen are trying to control the writhing actions of the fish so that they can unfasten to arrow head from the shaft, so they can retrieve the arrow and use it to kill another fish.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 15
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 15)  This suffering fish is still very much alive, and it takes both fishermen to hold the fish so that they can remove the arrow.  Their weapons of destruction can be seen lying on the deck.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 16
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 16)  In this photo, we can see the fishermen pushing the arrow further through the fish so that they can take off the arrow head.  We can only imagine the agony that this fish must be in, but the fishermen don't care.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 17
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 17)  One of the fisherman is in the process of removing the arrow head while the fish continues to struggle.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 18
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 18)  With the arrow head removed from the shaft, the fishermen lower the fish over a large pail of dead and dying fish, and begin to shape the fish off of the shaft, which also causes more pain and suffering.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 19
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 19)  The still very much alive fish falls off the arrow shaft and into the pail where it will be left to suffocate and bleed to death.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 20
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 20)  The fish lands in the pail and continues to flow around.  Now the fishermen can return to joy of killing more fish.  To deliberately cause pain and suffering is evil.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 21
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 21)  This is another fish that is writhing in agony from being impaled on an arrow, but the insensitive bow fishermen think it's just a great sport.  They simply don't care about the pain and suffering they cause as long as they are having fun, and that is what makes this "sport" evil, and an abomination before God.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 22
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 22)  The fish twists and turns and thrashes in the water in a desperate but futile attempt to free him or herself from the agonizing arrow.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 23
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 23)  There is something very wrong with a society, and in particular the religious community, that sits silently by in acceptance of this evil.  There should be an enormous outcry demanding an end to all blood sports and all cruelty to animals.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 24
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 24)  The reason that we feel that the Church is so wrong about it's silence to the suffering of these fish and other animals is that the Apostle Paul call upon all believers, as children of God, to free the whole of creation from the corruption to which it has been subjected (Romans 8:18-23).  The Church's silence is saying to all animal abusers that the Bible and Paul are wrong, and that people should be further corrupting the world with more abuse and suffering.  To us, this is blaspheme.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 25
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 25)  The struggling fish is pulled ever closer to the boat.  This "fun sport" is part of a bow fishing tournament to see who can kill the most fish.  The carp and gar that they are catching are considered "trash fish" and are not eaten.  They are dumped into trash cans, which further compounds this abomination.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 26
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 26)  The fish continues to struggle violently in his or her agony.  The horrible thing about this fishing tournament is that the winner was based upon the most fish that a pain of bow fishermen could kill, and each team tortured and killed between 200 and 300 fish.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 27
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 27)  This is another photo of the fish violently flipping to be free of the agony of the impaling arrow.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 28
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 28)  The fish is brought aboard and held over the trash can while the fishermen try to remove the arrow.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 29
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 29)  The agony of the fish should be obvious to anyone looking at these photos.  God did not create these fish to be tortured and killed.  What these bow fishermen are doing is an abomination before God.
Fish - Bow Fishing - 30
(Fish - Bow Fishing - 30)  And the agony continues...  Don't support any fishing contests!  Speak out against all animal suffering and human abuse and indifference.

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