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This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about Seals is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

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Wishful Thinking


Seal - Fur - 01
(Seal - Fur - 01)  As the seal hunt begins this mother harp seal cries out desperately to save her baby, but her cries fall only on the cruel deaf ears of her baby's killer.  There is no compassion!
Seal - Fur - 02
(Seal - Fur - 02)  A mother harp seal mourns over bloodied and skinned remains of her baby.  To knowingly and willfully cause this kind of pain and suffering is evil.
Seal - Fur - 03
(Seal - Fur - 03)  A baby harp seal cries out as he or she is being clubbed to death.  These seals are killed for selfish monetary reasons.  It's no wonder the human race can't even live in peace with their own species; they know only killing.
Seal - Fur - 04
(Seal - Fur - 04)  These men are in the process of skinning this mother and her baby for their fur.  Rightly so, does the Bible teach us that "the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil" (1 Timothy 6:10).
Seal - Fur - 05
(Seal - Fur - 05)  This mother seal was shot and killed as she attempted to save her baby.  We don't need to wear fur.  There are many synthetic materials to keep us warm.  In our opinion, people only wear fur for reasons of vanity.
Seal - Fur - 06
(Seal - Fur - 06)  Blood runs form this dying baby harp seal and stains the water on the edge of the ice pack.
Seal - Fur - 07
(Seal - Fur - 07)  Lying in his or her own blood with blood running from the eyes, this dead or dying baby harp seal was fatally beaten with a club.  People often ask us about how we can see the hardness of heart in people.  Indifference to the pain and suffer of another living being is one sign, and that indifference can be seen in what people eat and wear.
Seal - Fur - 08
(Seal - Fur - 08)  The Lord said to Cain, "The voice of your brother's [Abel's] blood is crying out to Me from the ground." (Genesis 4:10)  And just as loudly, the blood of this murdered baby harp seal is crying out to God from the snow and ice.
Seal - Fur - 09
(Seal - Fur - 09)  This man is dragging this baby harp seal with what appears to be a gaff.  Canada is responsible for allowing the killing of these babies.  Tell them to stop!  Don't wear fur!
Seal - Fur - 10
(Seal - Fur - 10)  Dead seals lie on the blood stained ice and snow waiting to be skinned to satisfy the human lust to wear animals' fur.  In 1 John 2:16, we are told that the sins of the lust of the eye and the lust of the flesh and the boastful pride of life are of the world and not from God.  People who wear fur seem to suffer from all three of these worldly sins.
Seal - Fur - 11
(Seal - Fur - 11)  A seal looks at a pool of blood where a companion was clubbed to death and dragged away.  Every time we see someone wearing fur, all we can think of is all the pain and suffering that their lust and greed has caused.
Seal - Fur - 12
(Seal - Fur - 12)  Seals are being dragged with a gaff to a place on the ice where they'll be skinned.  Help stop the killing!  Speak out against fur!
Seal - Fur - 13
(Seal - Fur - 13)  The skinned remains of these once beautiful seals stain the ice as a testimony to God of this atrocity.
Seal - Fur - 14
(Seal - Fur - 14)  This is an aerial view of the carnage wrought upon these seals.  After seeing all the pain, suffering, and death, we are convinced that every aspect of the fur trade is evil.
Seal - Fur - 15
(Seal - Fur - 15)  The seal is screaming in pain as he or she is being slowly clubbed to death.  Notice the short spike on the one end of the gaff and the hook on the others with with to drag the seal away.  There is a special kind of evil in a person who can cause this much pain and suffering, and everyone who wears fur is saying, "Do it again! I approve!"
Seal - Fur - 16
(Seal - Fur - 16)  The dead body of the baby harp seal is being dragged by his or her killer to be skinned.  Stop the killing! Write letters to the Canadian government.
Seal - Fur - 17
(Seal - Fur - 17)  These men are dragging an adult seal to their skinning area.  Fur is cruel!
Seal - Fur - 18
(Seal - Fur - 18)  This is an aerial view of the seal killers' base camp with hundreds upon hundreds of brutally murdered seals.  Below the building in this photo can be seen two huge piles of seal skins. Other men are skinning more seals (lower right).
Seal - Fur - 19
(Seal - Fur - 19)  These murderers have just killed another baby harp seal, and more of Canada runs red with their innocent blood.  This is the real "glamour" of wearing fur!
Seal - Fur - 20
(Seal - Fur - 20)  And still another baby harp seal is being beaten to death.  The baby can be seen screaming out in fear and pain.  Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God," (Matthew 5:9) and Paul tells us that the whole of creation groans while waiting for the revealing of the children of God to free it from the corruption to which it has been subjected. (Romans 8:18-25).  It is obvious these seal killers aren't these children of God.  And surely those who wear fur couldn't be either, could they?
Seal - Fur - 21
(Seal - Fur - 21)  It's not hard to interpret the expression on the face of this innocent baby harp seal. "Why are you doing this to us? Please stop the killing."
Seal - Fur - 22
(Seal - Fur - 22)  A baby killer stands over his victim, but doesn't seem to want his picture taken for the world to see.  It's time for all violence and cruelty to be exposed.  It's time for people to stop following the evil ways of this world.  It's time to begin follow the teachings of the Prince of Peace, and to help usher in the Peaceable Kingdom (Isaiah 11:6-9).
Seal - Fur - 23
(Seal - Fur - 23)  An angry baby killer gets ready to skin his victim.  If these men thought they wore doing a good and honorable thing, they would want their photos taken in the act of doing their deeds.  To us, their anger is proof that they know their acts are evil.  The Bible tells us that evil done in the hidden or dark places with be exposed to the light, and this is just one example.
Seal - Fur - 24
(Seal - Fur - 24)  Another seal is being beaten to death, just so the lustful vanity of someone could be satisfied.  Cruelty to animals is a blight upon society.  It time that these atrocities end!  It's time we make peace with the whole of creation!
Seal - Fur - 25
(Seal - Fur - 25)  On the deck of this death ship, the men are skinning and cleaning the seal skins.
Seal - Fur - 26
(Seal - Fur - 26)  More cleaning of bloody seal skins about ship.  This is what we see when people wear fur.
Seal - Fur - 27
(Seal - Fur - 27)  We can't understand how people can believe the fur industry's advertisements; fur is only beautiful on the animals it belongs to.  It is not beautiful on humans.  All a fur garment does is show off the evil side of human nature: the vanity, the shallow personality, the indifference to the pain and suffering of others, and the hardness of heart of those who wear the fur of other beings.
Seal - Fur - 28
(Seal - Fur - 28)  This and the following photos are of the Namibian seal slaughter.  This still nursing baby Cape fur seal is desperately trying to get free as her killer plunges his knife into her.
Seal - Fur - 29
(Seal - Fur - 29)  The stabbed baby seal is left to slowly die as the freshly nursed mothers milk run out of her mouth.  The evilness of some human being is beyond words!  Speak out against these atrocities, and demand an end to all animal use and exploitation.
Seal - Fur - 30
(Seal - Fur - 30)  This baby seal continued to wriggle and suffer long after being stabbed.  This kind of sadism compounds the horror of killing spree that claimed the lives of 60,000 Cape seals.
Seal - Fur - 31
(Seal - Fur - 31)  This mother seal returns from the sea intending to feed baby, but finds only her dead body to mourn.  We need to feel the suffering, so that we'll work to end it.
Seal - Fur - 32
(Seal - Fur - 32)  This baby seal lies dying in a pool of her mothers regurgitate milk.  The trauma suffered by these innocent living beings is inexcusable.  Stop the Seal Slaughter!
Seal - Fishing - 01
(Seal - Fishing - 01)  This is Geluku, a South African seal that was rescued by Francois and Nelda Hugo after he had been shot in the shoulder by fishermen and left for dead. He is now their official mascot in their efforts to stop the killing.
Seal - Fishing - 02
(Seal - Fishing - 02)  Fishing trawlers are non-selective in who they kill.  These five baby seals were caught in the net and were dumped overboard by the crew of the trawler.  Only one pup is clinging to life amidst the dead bodies of his four companions.  He was freed from the net by compassionate rescuers, unlike most who meet this same fate.
Seal - Fishing - 03
(Seal - Fishing - 03)  These fortunate baby seals were rescued from fishing nets, and will be nursed back to health and released.  Unfortunately, most seals that get caught in fishing nets, die!
Seal - Fishing - 04
(Seal - Fishing - 04)  This seal was shot so many times by South African fishermen that it's a wonder he's still alive, though in horrible pain.  When will human beings ever learn to respect all life and stop the killing?
Seal - Fishing - 05
(Seal - Fishing - 05)  This fully conscious South African seal has been severely wounded by shot gun pellets deliberately fired several times by fishermen.  She is in intense pain.
Seal - Fishing - 06
(Seal - Fishing - 06)  This young South African seal has a large fish hook in his mouth.  In this condition he would have little chance of survival.  This is one of the reasons that we are vegans.  We don't want the fish to suffer, and we don't want the seals or any other animal to suffer.  We don't need to kill to eat!
Seal - Fishing - 07
(Seal - Fishing - 07)  This young South African seal may look content scratching herself, but the fishing hooks and line rapped around her neck will cause her to continually suffer and slowly die.  The questions remains: Why is this allowed?  Why isn't this a crime?
Seal - Fishing - 08
(Seal - Fishing - 08)  Fishermen beat this young South African seal to death with a brink when she or he became entangled in their nets.

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