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 From Kritesh Bhooshun - 3 Mar 2004

Dear Frank.

My heart goes out to all those animals who's lives are brutally taken to feed the tummys of our fellow beings. The awareness you're creating here is wonderful, but how long will it take for human's to understand that our bodies are not designed for consumption of meat.

I am a Hindu and my religion teaches me to have compassion for all living creatures and beings. Unfortunately, man believes he is superior and is the master, so he takes lives as he wishes. Only GOD knows the truth and is always watching. I am born a vegetarian and totally abstain from meat. I lack nothing, my iron content, vitamin, protein and all other nutrients which are said to be in meat, exist in my vegetarian diet and I am just as healthy if not healthier than a carnivorous being.

Here in South Africa, i am told, an amount of 600 to 800 pigs are slaughtered on a daily basis at just one of our pig slaughterhouses. That's a total of approx. 172,800 pigs a year for a six day week. Another chicken slaughterhouse kills approx 200 chickens a day.

There are about 20 chicken slaughterhouses throughout the country and perhaps 10 pig slaughterhouses. Those are just 2 animals which I found out about, what about the rest!

Frank, my heart goes out to all these animals, and I wish that our fellow humans can see the pain and suffering these animals go through. And you are right, there is no difference between you pet dog at home and a pig or cow who's out of the field. I totally admire your work and you have my full support! Keep it up Frank, may GOD reward you with great health and happiness for the rest of you life.....

Kritesh Bhooshun

South Africa

Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Kritesh:

Thank you very much for kind and encouraging letter.

You asked "how long..."? That question is part of our daily prayers, too. From a practical point of view, I suppose the answer lies with the public. If we can spread the message to enough people, we could change public opinion and bring these atrocities to an end, and in the process improve the lives and health of our fellow human beings.

In the Love of the Lord,


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