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From Sherry - 22 Jul 2004

I have just spent about 2 hours on your site. I canít describe how heartsick and sick to my stomach and so hurt I feel for all the suffering animals out there.

I was so naÔve as to what is going on and how ugly humans really are. I will not eat animals again. Before looking on your site I thought as long as I didnít eat pork or beef I was ok. I realize now thatís not true. Even chickens and turkeys are every bit a sensitive-feeling creature as a dog, cow, or pig. I was not very strict with the beef. That will all change.

Thank you for opening my eyes to what is really going on. EggsÖ Wow! I didnít know. To truly become vegan, what is the protocol as far as leather, suede, shoes, handbags etc? Do you have any websites you would refer me to? I donít want to support ANY industry or organization that has ANYTHING to do with the most evil, sadistic, sick treatment of these innocent, defenseless animals.

I promise to tell everyone I know about this website and the torture I know is going on.



Reply from Frank L. Hoffman

Dear Sherry:

We just returned from the Vegetarian Summerfest, and your compassionate letter greeted our homecoming. Thank you very much for writing to us and telling us about changes in your way of living.

Vegans don't eat, wear, or use animal products. Vegan, non-animal products are sold in many discount stores. Shoes, for example, usually are labeled inside as "all man-made materials." We just need to read the labels a little more carefully. We have a few references on our vegetarian-vegan connection page. See:  

We look forward to hearing from your again.

In the Love of the Lord,


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