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From Tyler Wagner - 6 Mar 2005

I believe you guys are right about bullfighting. It is a cruel sport where the bull is made to slowly die in pain. I believe you are wrong about rodeo, though. Rodeo is the oldest national pastime and perhaps the most moral. Whereas proffessional sports players are usually paid millions of dollars, the rodeo cowboy typically makes just enough for food and diesel to get to the next rodeo, where he does the only thing he knows how to do. Rodeos are not cruel to cattle. I have been around cattle all my life and love being around them. Cows are much tougher than humans. The leather we use as work gloves is a cow's skin, much more impervious than a humans. It is hard to understand this when we see a calf get roped, but it doesn't hurt them much. Steer wrestling is not cruel, either. The bovine neck is the strongest muscle in its body, used for constantly holding its head up and fighting. I have been to many, many rodeos and I have never seen a cow break its neck. Bull riding is not cruel at all. The cowboy is in much, much more pain than the bull I guarantee you. I have ridden bulls. It hurts. The cattle prods you speak of ar not that strong, either. Who did you ask to shock themselves, little kids? My friends and I used to shock each other all the time with them, they just sting a little. Rodeo is definitely not on the same scale as bullfighting.

- PETA (people for the eating of tasty animals)

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Tyler:

Thank you for writing.

We talked to several other people who are in the rodeo business, and we've received an entirely different story. We also received reports from slaughter veterinarians telling of the horrendous injuries to animals sent to slaughter after suffering them in a rodeo.

You said that roping a calf doesn't hurt them "much". Why hurt them at all?

We have also chatted with bullfighters, who have given us the same reasons for not speaking against their tradition.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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