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From Anonymous
Aug 17, 2007

Good for you guys for making this site.

The vegan road is a hard one, I could not ever, may never understand how any person feels they can just torture, entrap animals at will, for profit or entertainment. It is hard to have compassion for humans because of the horrific lifestyle some of us lead. They seem to be the majority sometimes but when I see sites like yours, I know they are just the rowdiest, the loudest, so they just seem like the majority. I know compassionate people are out there when I read what is written next to the pictures posted.

I cannot wait for the day that animals have RIGHTS, just like some people couldn't wait for black people's rights or women's rights just a few years ago.

I hope many visit your website.

Peace, love, and happiness to all conductors of this site, thank you! =)

Reply from Frank and Mary

Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging comments.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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