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From Glenda
Dec 29, 2007

I am not sure how to start off here. I have never contacted a group like you. But your work is awesome. I have donated to many other animal organizations. I have found something so disgusting on the web site and I am not sure how to stop it.

It is a site ( that wants you to get puppies and kittens, raise them for six months, and then sell them to the company. They turn around and sell these animals for science experiments.

I think this is horrible. How is this stopped? You can't imagine what I would really like to do to this person at this time.

How do we stop this web site horror. It is so not right.

Thank you for your help.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Glenda:

Thank you for writing and letting us know about this web site and your desire to help end it.

Unfortunately, we cannot stop the web site, as it is their 'right' under the law. However, we can publicize what they are doing, though we have some mixed feelings about publicizing who they are as it could actually help them and harm the animals.

We're sending a copy of this letter to Michael Budkie, one of our trustees and president of Stop Animal Exploitation Now for his opinion, as their organization specializes in ending laboratory testing and experiments on animals.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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