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From the Autumn - Winter 2007 Issue

Plagiarism and Tunnel Vision

Well, one thing of which I feel pretty sure is that they’ll have a lot to talk about ‘up there’! And I equally feel that they have not forgotten us down here. I tell you this: such folk are spurring us on from the battlements above. We who are in the arena for animal rights are never deserted: their presence is with us, and we must always make ourselves aware of this. These – along with very many more – are the real saints of the whole movement for animal liberation. So take heart and fight on! The new Anglican hymnal published by Catholic publisher Kevin Mayhew and called COMPLETE ANGLICAN has the arrogance to substitute ‘Onward Christian Soldiers Marching As To War’ with ‘Onward Christian Pilgrims; Christ will be our light’. It’s a plagiarism of surely the worst kind?  I ask: what would Reverend S. Baring Gould, its author - or, indeed, General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army! - think of such ‘playing down’ of New Testament military terms within today’s bland laodicean churches? They must not only be turning but, indeed, revolving in their graves!

As for the Anglican Book Of Common Prayer, it exhorts us daily to ‘pray for the church militant here on earth’; but quite regrettably the basic worship book of Anglicanism is now being less and less used. Prayers that were written by Archbishop Cranmer and other fellow martyrs, are frequently discarded by pompous prelates, or conceited clerics in circles, concocting prayers that ring as shallow as do – I’ll not say it! - so many of our modern hymns. Need one wonder that places of worship, all around us, are being put up for sale?

I’m thankful to God that though it was confirmed eight years ago by no less than two top eye specialists that I had macular degeneration; the wet type which is the most deadly; and that being in both eyes I could be blind – apart from peripheral vision! – I can truthfully say that my sight is better today than it was then.  However, what one of the other specialists also confirmed was that I was also suffering with Glaucoma. In other words – left untreated daily – I could equally lose my peripheral vision. The ultimate end would be total darkness’. Well, thank God, I never accept dogmatically affirmed negative remarks. I look for rejuvenation rather than regression; and what side we habitually focus on, more often than not, gets clearer and clearer.  Consequently, I never focus for long on the morbidity and horror of animal exploitation. I channel the emotions that ‘well up’ so as to make me physically propelled by ‘righteous wrath’ and indignation; seeking to release all the force through constructive action

However, returning to unchecked Glaucoma which results in an ever-increasing narrowness of tunnel vision it is – metaphorically speaking – the damnable disease of our churches’ leadership. In fact, it’s not confined to them but via our theological colleges, a ‘stinted form of compassion’ – as if from God Himself! - is being perpetuated; and - sad to say it! - my previous Oxford college may not be immune from this ‘exclusive to man’ form of  redemption.

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