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31 March 1999 Issue
Online Course About "American Transcendentalism"

Hello Friends of ARO, :)

I thought some of you might be interested in taking my on-line course about
"American Transcendentalism" and Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo
Emerson, and Bronson Alcott. ( NOTE: This form of Transcendentalism
has >>nothing<< to do with meditation. )

Whether you are a high school or college student, or teacher, looking to
enhance your knowledge topic, or you are a person new to this area of study --
chances are you have never heard that some of the Transcendentalists
(particularly Bronson Alcott who founded a vegan community) were vegetarians,
as well as for the environment. While the course is not specifically about Veg'n
or AR, these topics are relevant, as are the others mentioned BELOW. If you
have any questions, I would love to hear from you!

The course will provide a good deal of information you won't get anywhere
else, and it is enjoyable (so students said last time) because everyone gets
to share their thoughts. Your enrollment is welcome, the more students who
take the course the more courses I will offer next time. (My M.A. is in English,
B.A. in Psychology.)

AOL charges $40 for the course and all reading materials are on the Web,
with the exception of the Alcott writings that I will post in the classroom, and
available at the public library.

Best wishes,
Karen - [email protected]
P.S. The links will only work if through AOL.

America Online's
Course of the Month:
Meet The American Transcendentalists

Last year President Clinton presided at the opening of the Thoreau Foundation
in Massachusetts, just outside the town of Concord and close to the site of
legendary Walden Pond. Who was the man who wrote Walden? What motivated
him? Why does the book still have an impact more than 100 years later? Who
was his friend Ralph Waldo Emerson, author of Nature, and why do two religions
often quote him? What is "Transcendentalism?" Together we will explore these
questions and more in the course, Meet the AmericanTranscendentalists.
We'll also discuss Bronson Alcott, father of Little Women author Louisa May
Alcott and "the most transcendental of the Transcendentalists."

Your instructor will lead you on a mini Internet tour through history and to
Concord, a town she knows well. If you have ever wondered if human nature
is basically good, if nature has meaning beyond what we see, if the 9-to-5
work world is all there is, and if you have a mission in life ---- join our class
because more than a century ago a group of people also asked these same
questions. Their answers might have relevance to your life.
Meet the American Transcendentalists is a thought-provoking class taught
with reading material and 20-minute class lectures followed by class discussion.
No background in literature or history is needed, as long as the student
unfamiliar with 19th century writing is willing to learn. Visit Karen's still-under-
construction website of the A. Bronson Alcott Society at 
alcott homepage
Meet the American Transcendentalists

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