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29 October 2000

By [email protected]

I rescued you
My dear small rat
From the store that
Found you
Poisoned you
Thrashed you against the wall
As I looked on

I slipped into the office
Where you lay in the box to die
I placed you in a different box
As I heard workers come

I stood motionlessly shaking
Playing dumb as they searched
Looking for the dying rat
That escaped from her prison box

Little did they know
That despite looking everywhere
You were hidden right by my foot

Somehow that night
I managed to sneak that box to my car
I drove home victorious
Knowing that a life saved rode with me

You were so beautiful
Your dark brown eyes
Your creamy light caramel fur
I couldn't believe that those people
Could harm such a gentle creature

I gave you a home
Warm bedding
Fresh food
And water full of vitamins
My love watched over me
As I watched over you

The poison ran through your body
But you stayed strong and fought
Your wounds healed slowly
Your strength gained more and more
As days turned to weeks and months
You survived the worst

You learned to come by name
To trust a hand
You let us touch you
You knew we wouldn't hurt you
And of all the toys we gave you
You loved that old sock the best
We watched your acrobatics
As you walked upside down on the screen top

Even though you banged your water bottle
Against the side of your tank
We didn't mind at all
Not even when we tried to sleep
When we brought food to your tank
You always stood on two paws to say "hi"
You were our little one, our adopted one
Our pride and joy

As I went to feed you last night
With a large carrot, your favorite treat
I found you laying there
But you did not come to greet me
You just laid in eternal sleep

I lost you last night
And cried over your small body
You died peacefully and without pain
But still I mourn for you

So sleep now, sleep
My precious Molly-Rat
Your suffering is now over
We miss you so much
And we love you so
Please tell heaven and the angels
That although there is much pain on earth
You found two people who loved you

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