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September 2013

On Thursday, 9/26/13, a NYC carriage horse named Chris spooked on his way to work in Central Park. He got caught up in the carriage, which fell on him near Columbus Circle. His driver, Frank Luo, who has been working in this business for many years, not surprisingly did not have a clue how to have prevented this or how to deal with the horse.

horse-drawn carriage NYC Chris

The article from DNA offers a good report and also includes video. This is a quote from the article.

"I passed 57th Street and the horse starts acting crazy. He started kicking his back legs. I grabbed the reins and I must've yelled, 'Stop' 15 times," said carriage driver Frank Luo, 43, who works out of the Clinton Park Stables on 52nd Street near 11th Avenue Luo, who said the horse's name is Chris, said he couldn't calm the steed down. "He broke the whole front of the carriage and the fifth wheel. The harness trapped the back legs and he stopped," Luo said, adding, "I didn't do anything wrong. I did my job well. If I had gotten scared and jumped out [of the carriage], it would've been ten times worse."

This comment was offered by an experienced horseperson:

"Many of these people are NOT competent enough as horse handlers to be taking these animals out in heavy urban traffic. That is a FACT. Almost ALL of these incidents involving "spooks" "bolts" and "runaways" have been because of driver error. Experienced and competent horsemen do not yell "Stop" or "Hold"-- they say "Whoa" in a commanding tone. They try very hard not to "yell" or "scream" or show fear or panic in their voice. I can't believe this man thought he deserved "credit" for doing what he is supposed to do-- stay with his horse and carriage and try to regain control."

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