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September 12, 2016

Today, the NY Post reported on a carriage horse accident in NYC that occurred on September 2nd. Driver pushed a carriage horse to collapse in the street: witness

The picture above is from Friday, September 2nd when a horse collapsed at 12th Avenue and 50th St in the early hours of the morning. Thank you to the NY Post for running the story and for the eye witness who took the pictures.

 collapsed carriage horse

Bogdan Paul Angheluta, of Farmingdale, LI, told The Post he was outside nightclub Space Ibiza when he saw a carriage-horse driver “screaming for the horse to make the green light.”

He says the horse then “collapsed” and was “breathing slow and hard.”
“I’m 100 percent positive,” Angheluta told The Post. “He was forcing him to make the light. The horse was tired.”

"He didn’t collapse, he tripped himself,” said Christina Hansen, a [carriage driver and] spokeswoman for the carriage industry, who claimed Norman was heading back to the Clinton Park Stables on West 52nd Street at the end of his shift when he fell. “He’s kind of a klutz.”

Sure he did, Christina. Sure he did. And the Department of Health took her word for it rather than calling in an outside vet to determine what happened and grilling the driver.

No surprise there. The carriage industry continues to be one of the most protected businesses in this city.

PLEASE - if you see anything like this - immediately take out your camera to document it and send it to Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages.


We actually learned of another accident very early on Friday morning but the eye witness did not take any photos...

From: [name withheld]
Date: Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 2:23 AM
Subject: HDC accident at 2am
To: [email protected]

Hello, this evening on my way home from work I was driving north bound on the west side highway between 50th and 51st streets when I came upon an HDC that had been hit, the horse was laying on the ground and the carriage was turned over. This was so violent and sad.

I called 911 and the operator sent the police. Please investigate this because it can probably help with the ban on HDC. It's so sad that this had to happen and I never want to see such terrible mistreatment of animals ever again. Please let me know if you need any more information but I thought you guys needed to know first thing.


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