Glue Traps: Tell Lowe's to Stop Selling Cruelty
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March 2008

Glue traps are among the cruelest pest-control devices on the market today. Animals who get stuck to them suffer for days before they finally die of starvation, dehydration, self-mutilation, and shock. Patches of skin, fur, or feathers are torn from their bodies as they frantically struggle to escape the relentless adhesive. Many animals resort to chewing off their own limbs in a desperate attempt to free themselves from the traps, and others get their noses, mouths, or beaks stuck in the glue and suffocate. Imagine being stuck in a giant glue trap and having to gnaw off your own leg just to break free.

"Nontarget" animals routinely fall prey to these cruel devices too. PETA fields calls on a daily basis from distraught customers who have discovered that birds, squirrels, and even their animal companions have become hopelessly stuck in glue traps.

PETA has presented Lowe's with images (see video below) of small animals, including birds, who suffered painful injuries and died lingering deaths after being ensnared by the cruel traps. But so far, not this, nor the fact that other companies — including CVS, Rite Aid, Albertsons, and Safeway — have banned glue traps because they are so cruel has persuaded Lowe's to do the right thing and get rid of them once and for all.

Please take a moment to fill out the form* (scroll to bottom of linked page), which sends an automated letter to the CEO of Lowe's urging him to stop selling glue traps.

*UPDATE: In response to your calls and e-mails, Lowe's has issued a statement claiming that the company will "only carry the products [glue traps] that contain Eugenol, which is an anesthetic." Don't be fooled! Such "modified" glue traps are a shameless attempt to dupe consumers. In order for a glue trap—or any other lethal rodent trap—to be regarded as humane, it must be designed either to kill the captured animal quickly and painlessly or to cause the animal to experience an immediate and permanent loss of consciousness. There is no scientific protocol for using a eugenol derivative as an oral or topical agent for euthanasia or anesthesia of rodents. These "modified" glue traps show no evidence of reducing animal suffering one iota and are as cruel as the standard glue traps. Please continue to push Lowe's to stop carrying all glue traps.

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