'Animals Are Not Ours' Demonstration
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Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV)
October 10, 2012

Around one hundred Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) activists assembled in the City Square today, each holding the body of an animal who was the victim of exploitation, violence or neglect at the hands of humans. This powerful protest draws attention to the hidden suffering of animals in Australia and around the world.

Sheep, pigs, kangaroos, chickens, fish and ducks are some of the animals who were in this protest. Animal Liberation Victoria's rescue team found many of them dead or dying inside industrial animal factories, in paddocks or hit by vehicles and left to die.

This protest served as a solemn memorial to honour the lives of around 100 animals. The memorial draws attention to the the suffering of animals in our society - animals who live and die in miserable conditions.

The sad and powerful visual display of these bodies is provoking debate in our community against such overwhelming violence and bloodshed. Similar displays of respect for the billions of animal victims have taken place in Spain, Chile, France, Germany, Peru and now here in Australia.

ALV believes our treatment of animals not only causes untold cruelty and suffering, but is unsustainable, an environmental catastrophe, and is one of the world's largest social justice issues.

“We are here today to draw attention to the fact that humans are currently responsible for the slaughter of 64 billion land animals around the world each year, and between one and three trillion sea animals. Like us, these animals have an interest in living and not suffering and we cannot ignore their interests simply because they do not belong to our species,” said ALV’s campaign co-ordinator Noah Hannibal.

animals are not ours

animals are not ours

animals are not ours

animals are not ours 

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