Florida Wildlife Commission Postpones Bear Hunting for 2016
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June 2016

happy bear

This is GREAT NEWS for BEARS of Florida.

Thank you so much Sheila Cooley for getting this shared. Bless these people who realized there's another way to do conservation and that is to stop building and create safe havens for these animals.

"So Happy for our Florida Black Bears. Florida Wildlife commission voted 4-3 to postpone the 2016 hunt! They chose Option 3 Postpone Bear Hunting in Florida. But the fight continues.

I know we're all celebrating...and we should. Everyone has worked so hard towards this end. But it is a temporary reprieve. Next year they hunt again and they will be armed with even bigger numbers and reasons for the hunt.

Enjoy the victory but please STAY ENGAGED. We must make it a priority this year to stay vocal and insist that other conservation measures are put into place.

We must make sure the bear proof cans are distributed and that FWC focuses on habitat restoration and corridor acquisition. Lets ask them where the Amendment 1 money went to that was supposed to be used for this.They will want to just rest up and come at it again next year. Let's show them that we insist on true conservation measures.

Thank you Adam Sugalski Campaign Director at Stop The Florida Bear Hunt, for your leadership and dedication of protecting and defending our bears!

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