Born Free 2016 Successes
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December 2016

2016 was a great year for Born Free! We advanced state and federal legislation to regulate the wildlife trade and conserve rare and threatened species; advocated for better protections for wildlife at CITES; exposed the ongoing cruelty of trapping and the exotic pet trade with two ground-breaking reports; collected unwanted furs to deploy to wildlife rescue centers to bring comfort and warmth to orphaned animals; and much more! Read all about our successes below!

For detailed information on these items, visit Born Free USA: 2016, the Year in Review

  • Working at CITES to Protect Wildlife Around the Globe
  • Protections for African and Asian Pangolins
  • A Step Forward for African Lion Conservation
  • Wildlife Enforcement Coordination in West and Central Africa
  • Reducing Demand for Species Targeted by Illegal Trade in West and Central Africa
  • Born Free USA Dubs 2016 the Year of the Lion
  • National Bird Day was a Flying Success
  • Massive Success in our Fur for the Animals Campaign
  • Trapping Victims Fund Helps Roxy the Dog
  • Born Free USA on Winning Team in Debate about Whether Hunters Conserve Wildlife
  • Strengthening the Protection of African Manatees in West Africa.
  • Born Free USA Releases Victims of Vanity II to Fight Trapping
  • Born Free USA Releases Downloading Cruelty to Expose Online Sales of Exotic Pets
  • Banning Weapons Used on Elephants in Traveling Shows
  • Armani Goes Fur Free
  • Relocating Deer to Prevent Killing
  • Brand New Accommodations for Primates
  • Full-time Veterinarian Joins our Staff

Again, for detailed information on these items, visit Born Free USA: 2016, the Year in Review.

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