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From Physicians Committee
April 2014

[NOTE from As of June 2015, Physicians Committee is no longer working on or hosting The Humane Seal website. The information below as posted in 2010 remains on our site for informational purposes only. For more information, visit Links to Cruelty-Free Shopping and Other Vegan Resources.]

We all want to contribute to a healthy population—to prevent devastating diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS, to offer assistance to those who are experiencing illness, and to find cures as quickly as possible.

According to many scientists, the best hope for the prevention or cure of many diseases is relevant and progressive nonanimal research methods, such as in vitro cell and tissue cultures, microfluidic circuits, computer modeling, microdosing, and epidemiological studies. This knowledge, as well as ethical considerations for animals, has led many people to be concerned about the continued use of ineffective and outdated animal methods in medical research. They prefer to support charities and corporations that sponsor more responsible and humane alternatives.

The Council on Humane Giving offers an ever-expanding directory of charities that fund only humane, human-based research or patient services, as well as a list of corporations that have pledged to support such charities. Your support of Humane Seal-certified organizations allows you to Give and Let Live.

Please visit Links to Cruelty-Free Shopping and Other Vegan Resources.

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