Gill netted sea lion rescued
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Marine Animal Rescue
October 2011

[Ed. Note: Want to save seals from the horrors of injuries and deaths from fishing nets? Stop eating sea animals, go vegan!]

This sea lion was first seen on the rock jetty at Topaz in Redondo Beach. The sea lion is suffering from severe wounds caused by a gill net wrapped around her head and neck.

The first rescue attempt was unsuccessful as the sea lion slipped out of the hoop net due to her location on the rocks. As the net was placed over her head, she was able to slip backwards into the water. We hoped we would get another chance at rescuing her.

A couple of days later we received a call from Jonas on Baywatch Redondo reporting a sea lion with gill net around her neck on top of the breakwater in Redondo Beach.

Despite a very challenging and dangerous rescue location with support from Jonas and Captain Kurt F. from Baywatch Redondo the sea lion was successfully rescued.

We donít ever give up on any animal that needs help!

Peter Wallerstein Marine Animal Rescue Specialist Whale Rescue Team - A Project of Friends of Animals

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