Government Grants Promoting Cruelty to Animals
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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! SAEN
October 2008

October 11 - 19 National Primate Liberation Week Nationwide

"Experts in veterinary medicine, primatology, ethology, bioethics and animal behavior have evaluated the procedures used in many animal experiments. These procedures include depriving animals (such as non-human primates) of water for extended periods of time, confining them to restraint chairs, and attaching restraining bars and recording cylinders to the skulls of these same animals with steel screws. These experts have unanimously determined that these procedures cause unrelieved pain and distress in these animals. The projects listed below utilize at least one of these procedures, and many involve all of them.

It is clear that these experiments subject animals to severe pain and distress. These procedures are used within University of California laboratories in Berkeley, San Francisco, Davis and Los Angeles."

To see evidence of over 50 grants for animal experimentation, visit SAEN's site.

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