Human Crimes Against Animals - Introduction
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Dave Bernazani

[Let the record show, this series was compiled by Dave Bernazani from 12/22/2007 – 12/07/09]

A compilation of the various acts of cruelty and abuse humans routinely (and usually quite legally) inflict on their fellow animals. I believe we must answer for our crimes and our disgraceful stewardship of our planet, and a list of the charges is a beginning to that end.

Note: This is a work in progress, and items may continuously added and updated as new events occur and information is discovered. Any suggestions, comments or corrections are greatly appreciated. I think I’ve pretty much covered the main ways that devious humans have come up with to abuse animals in a big way, but if you know of anything I’ve missed that you think should be added, please email me. Also, I do not apologize for the sometimes shocking photos here that document these forms of abuse, for I believe the world needs to see exactly what is happening; only then (hopefully) will enough of us act to stop it.

Crimes Against Other Species of Planet Earth

Part 1. Backyard Big Cat and Other Exotics Breeding

Part 2. Bear-baiting

Part 3. Bear Bile Harvesting

Part 4. Bullfighting

Part 5. Canned Hunting

Part 6. Circuses

Part 7. China

Part 8. Cockfighting

Part 9. Dancing Bears

Part 10. Dog Fighting

Part 11. Dog Racing

Part 12. Street Dog Slaughter/Culling

Part 13. Elephant "Breaking" / Phajaan and Other Abuses

Part 14. Factory Farming

Part 14b. Factory Farming - Pigs

Part 14c. Factory Farming - Chickens and Turkeys

Part 14d. Factory Farming - Dairy Cows

Part 14e. Factory Farming - Veal

Part 14f. Factory Farming - Sheep and Wool

Part 15. Foie Gras Production

Part 16. Fur

Part 17. Fur Trapping

Part 18. Gorilla Murder and the Bushmeat Trade

Part 19. Hog-Dog Fighting

Part 20. Horse Racing

Part 21. Kangaroo Slaughter

Part 22. Laboratory Vivisection/Experimentation/Testing

Part 23. Marine Mammal Parks

Part 24, Overfishing - Trawling, Longline and Drift Nets

Part 25, Polar and Grizzly Bear and Other Trophy Hunting

Part 26. Puppy Mills

Part 27. Rodeos

Part 28. Seal Clubbing

Part 29. Shark Finning

Part 30. Whale and Dolphin Slaughter

Part 31. Zoos

Part 32. Mass Extinction

Part 33. Other Forms of Organized or Industrial Cruelty

Part 34. Solutions

Crimes Against Other Species of Planet Earth

This is a compilation of the worst offenses people commit in an organized fashion against other species of the Earth. There is no mention of the individual acts of cruelty to other species that occur every day around the world; I only list large-scale group actions here, “institutionalized” cruelty where the guilt is shared by many, who defend them as "just" or even "necessary." Many of them, such as rodeos, bullfights, etc. are sponsored by large corporations that you buy products from. they have all been made aware of the cruelties involved in these events by animal welfare organizations, but choose to ignore that and enjoy the money such sponsorship brings them. It is easier to continue animal abuse when you are a part of a crowd, or even get paid to do it; but it doesn’t make it right.


These crimes are all currently happening in the world today, right now in 2009– crimes which future generations will judge us by. What will we say in our defense?

If any of these were committed against other humans, it would make headlines around the world and people would scream for justice. However since they are done to nonhumans, they continue today, and although some are (hopefully) waning, others are gaining ground.

monkey vivisection

While reading them, see if you can guess which crime I have selected as the worst, most unforgivable of them all (answer at the bottom). As this is a listing of shameful human activities, it is not easy reading. Some may even become angry or defensive if they see something they themselves are guilty of. I make no apologies; for that matter, if someone is guilty of one of the offenses listed here it is they who should apologize.

festival cruelty

I only state the facts and show the photos. It is up to future generations to decide what is to be said for humankind’s actions up until now.

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