Jersey City Bans Wild Animal Circuses
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Stop Circus Suffering / Animal Defenders International (ADI)
September 2016

Join us to thank Jersey City’s Mayor Fulop for his dedication to animal welfare by sending him an email

Another US city, Jersey City, bans wild animal acts!

ADI worked with the League of Humane Voters and local activists to convince the Jersey City Mayor Fulop and Council to pass a circus ban to end cruel and dangerous wild animal acts!

ADI provided evidence, worked with the city attorney to help write the ordinance, and drafted an amendment with the mayor’s office to get it over the finish line. The city is the second locality in New Jersey to implement a ban, after ADI helped push the Bergen County ban through earlier this year.

Help us push for a nationwide ban in the US by contacting your representatives and get involved with ADI to organize a circus protest or work with us to pass a wild animal ban in your community by visiting our Stop Circus Suffering website.

With every city we build momentum for a nationwide ban in the US! Take action with ADI today so you can help us achieve the next victory for animals!

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