The Precautionary Principle And Sentience
An Animal Rights Article from

May 2017

Photo by Flickr user little79bear

In a world that is, in many places, in the midst of a debate over the ethics of consuming animals, the concept of sentience is a key factor. While major inroads have been made in the general public's understanding of the sentience of mammals such as pigs, cows, goats, and sheep, and even birds like chickens, the sentience of fishes, invertebrates, and insects is still hotly debated.

Ultimately the paper provides animal advocates with a strong position from which to advocate for fishes and other "lower order" animals. Rather than continuing on a path of abuse and destruction, reflection and consideration is necessary. If fishes and invertebrates are sentient, and animal advocates believe strongly that they are, than the actions we subject them to are egregious and need to stop immediately.

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