Rattle the Cage Productions' 2016 Successes
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Rattle the Cage Productions
December 2016

rattle cage productions

Another year is drawing to a close and, once again, your generous donations have enabled us to support more projects and save more lives, from individual cats and dogs to horses, elephants and more! You are the true animal hero.

More than 400 domestic and wild animals were rescued by our colleagues in Kenya, Bhutan, and Taiwan. With your help, our social media videos on elephant and rhino poaching were viewed more than 400,000 times in just three months. Next year we aim to double that. Fazeela, our volunteer filled dry watering holes in one of Kenya's worst droughts - three times! She made certain elephants very happy.

Some highlights of how your compassion helped in 2016

  • Hundreds of street dogs and cats, rescued and rehomed in Taiwan
  • Created China's first ever International Wildlife Festival
  • Funded Big Life Foundation rangers who protect elephants in Kenya
  • Produced twelve Ivory trade awareness videos with WildiZe Foundation for Facebook
  • Produced ten international trade in endangered species videos with WildiZe Foundation
  • Broadcasted from CITES (Conference on International Trade in Endangered Species) in South Africa
  • Received a major grant for the production of Bonding With Giants, a program to educate consumers of poached ivory
  • Conducted investigations of wildlife markets selling illegal animal products in Thailand
  • Highlighted the work of Save The Elephants, Kenya
  • Actively Participated in wildlife de-snaring patrols with ANAW, Kenya
  • Contributed to wildlife water hole replenishment in Tsavo National Park, Kenya
  • Provided video production and social media services to The Pack sanctuary in Taiwan
  • Provided video production services to Yamana Garden Sustainable living education projects
  • Created a video highlighting the work of The Maya Foundation animal rescue in Bhutan
  • Continued our ongoing elephant trekking educational outreach to travel agencies in Asia

In the Field

This year our crews spent more than 3 months on the ground in Africa working with rangers, lion rescuers, and rhino protectors. We removed illegal snares with ANAW and participated in and aided funding for Big Life ranger patrols - the protectors of wild elephants. The journeys have been remarkable. The individuals with whom we've collaborated and featured in our short films are brave and tenacious animal heroes like you are. None of this work could continue without you.

Where Does the Money Go?

Year after year, much of our annual operating budget has been raised around these final few weeks of the year. So we count on your giving season generosity to make a tax-deductible donation to keep Rattle The Cage going and growing.

Our operating expenses and overhead are small but our projects are not. Next year with the blessings of the royal family and your support we will provide more aid to The Maya Foundation and Bhutan Animal Rescue And Care by producing short rescue video programs. We aim to double our short format social media film production and increase our audience by two-hundred percent. As an active member of the Xishuangbanna Wildlife Festival, we will continue to educate Greater China. As a board member of The PACK, I am committed to helping produce the rescue and adoption videos necessary for The PACK's fundraising efforts. Kenya/China conservation projects and Asian wildlife market investigations are also ongoing through 2017.

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