Three More of SHARK's Victories in 2016
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SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)
December 2016

[Please see SHARK/SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness 2016 Year in Review (PDF) for more!]

Wisconsin Pig Wrestling Event Cancelled!

This past June, a county fair in Wisconsin was planning on having a horrendous pig wrestling contest. When we learned of it we took action, and are pleased to announce that it was cancelled!

SHARK has experience with these spectacles. In 2014 we sent a team of investigators to film a pig wrestling contest that was sponsored by the St. Patrick Parish in Stephensville, Wisconsin. The cruelty was abominable and our video went viral, being viewed more than 136,000 times. Working with our local partners, the Global Conservation Group, we fought hard to convince the church to not allow another pig wrestling event and we won that battle.

pig wrestling
SHARK's video documentation of pigs being beaten and abused exposed the senseless cruelty of pig wrestling events

SHARK Exposes Cormorant Slaughter

In 2016, SHARK took on the government slaughter of cormorants on the Columbia River (bordering Oregon and Washington) and documented the needless killing of cormorants by hired thugs from US Department of Agricultureís notorious Wildlife Services division. Cormorants are being blamed for eating salmon, while the true destroyer of millions of salmon ever year is the hydro-power system of dams run by the Army Corps of Engineers. Thatís right; Army Corps is slaughtering thousands of innocent cormorants to cover up its own incompetence and mass-destruction of salmon.

SHARK fought for cormorants like no other group has. Our boat, the Bob & Nancy, was on the Columbia River for three weeks straight, and the video we recorded of the killing was unprecedented, for Wildlife Services, which slaughters millions of animals every year, is so secretive that rarely is their bloody work ever seen, much less captured on video.

Above left: A beautiful cormorant, just like the thousands who were killed. Above right: The Wildlife Services killers. Never before had someone gotten this close to them. Bottom: Wildlife Services shoots a cormorant who falls into the river

Cheyenne Frontier Rodeo Days Cruelty Exposed

The Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (CFD) is the worldís most cruel and deadly rodeo, and SHARK was there again this year to document the suffering and deaths that happened for entertainment. When the Wyoming Tribune Eagle did a fluff piece on the CFD, we released a video unmasking their biased reporting. To my surprise, I received a call from the editor of that paper who did not defend what had happened but instead acknowledged that they had indeed made a mistake by publishing such a one-sided story. This was an important turn of events and proves how our work documenting animal cruelty can change minds.

rodeo calf
This innocent calf was choked by a rope and injured at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo


All the victories and ground-breaking campaigns we have shown you in this email, and that we will show you in forthcoming ones, would be impossible if not for your generous support. The truth is, we need that support right now. Our funds are almost gone. There is only enough money to pay for our investigators for a few months, then itís over.

SHARK has only four full-time investigators who work day and night fighting for animals, and I mean that literally. You will find no more dedicated servants for the animals anywhere and the amount of work we do with so few people humbles me. Iím willing to bet that if you add all of their salaries (I am and have always been unpaid) it will come in under what one top executive of one of the big corporate animal groups rakes in every year. No where else will you find better value for your donation than with SHARK.

I believe in SHARK and our mission. Thatís why I implore you to reach out to every one you know, show them what we do, and ask them to help us continue our vital work. I truly appreciate all that you have done for SHARK in the past, and I sincerely hope you will support us so that 2017 may bring even greater victories for the animals we all care about so much.

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