More of SHARK's Victories in 2016
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SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)
December 2016

[Please see SHARK/SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness 2016 Year in Review (PDF) for more!]

SHARK on the Frontlines: Birds Rescued from Canned Hunt

wounded pigeon
We rescued this bird who was taken to a sanctuary to live her life out in peace

In early 2016 SHARK documented a canned hunt held in Pennsylvania, where cage-raised birds were hand-thrown into the air and shot for fun. Three different types of birds were used for this slaughter; pheasants, pigeons and chukars. We had access to an adjoining property and were just a few yards away from one of the shooting stations, where we filmed the horrors that unfolded. We rescued two pigeons and two chukars who were given medical attention and taken to a sanctuary.

Canned hunts are vile events where cowards shoot hand-raised birds for fun. By being on the battlefield where the shooting is just yards away is how SHARK takes the reality of such slaughters and puts them in front of the public eye.

Harris Feedlot Exposed

When the thugs from the feedlot realized we were filming, they sent the police after us. The officers were very friendly with the people from Harris and tried to force us to leave, but we knew we were on public property and acting legally. More and more police showed up making the entire situation a farce. It wasn't until a supervisor showed up, who was not subservient to Harris Feedlot, who understood we weren't doing anything wrong and they left.

Our video about the unethical way some of these officers acted went viral and has been seen more than 1,400,000 times. And this video proved that Harris lied to the police.

cattle feedlot stench
We found a number of comments made by people appalled by the smell emanating from Harris Feedlots

SKB Cases Halts Sponsorship of Cownose Ray Slaughter!

SHARKís most recent victory happened just last week when we released a video exposing the cruelty of cownose ray killing contests and asked SKB Cases, a sponsor of one of the contests we documented, to no longer support such cruel events.

Within 24 hours we received an email from SKB telling us that they would no longer support these barbaric slaughters!

As this campaign proves, your activism and our work combined can create change that helps animals!

tortured cownose ray
SHARK was on the water and at the weigh-in station where the dead animals were brought in and prizes handed out. We are now working on legislation to ban such killing contests in that state


All the victories and ground-breaking campaigns we have shown you in this email, and that we will show you in forthcoming ones, would be impossible if not for your generous support. The truth is, we need that support right now. Our funds are almost gone. There is only enough money to pay for our investigators for a few months, then itís over.

SHARK has only four full-time investigators who work day and night fighting for animals, and I mean that literally. You will find no more dedicated servants for the animals anywhere and the amount of work we do with so few people humbles me. Iím willing to bet that if you add all of their salaries (I am and have always been unpaid) it will come in under what one top executive of one of the big corporate animal groups rakes in every year. No where else will you find better value for your donation than with SHARK.

I believe in SHARK and our mission. Thatís why I implore you to reach out to every one you know, show them what we do, and ask them to help us continue our vital work. I truly appreciate all that you have done for SHARK in the past, and I sincerely hope you will support us so that 2017 may bring even greater victories for the animals we all care about so much.

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