Woman Rescues 5-legged Puppy From Freak Show
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Sharon Seltzer on Examiner.com
July 2009

A 3-week old Chihuahua mix was born with a deformity that has caused quite a commotion in the small town of Gastonia, North Carolina. The little puppy, called Precious has an extra leg.


Her owner, Calvin Owensby claims that he planned to have the fifth limb amputated so Precious could be more mobile. But news about the unique puppy spread and Owensby was approached by a Coney Island freak show that wanted to buy the puppy. They reportedly offered $3,000 for her.

When the Gaston Gazette reported his decision to sell Precious, Owensby received a number of angry calls from residents. But one caller, Allyson Siegel of Charlotte, N.C., offered to buy the puppy for a higher price than the freak show was paying. She agreed to pay $4,000 to keep Precious safe.

"Poor thing, she was headed for a terrible life," Siegel told the Gazette. "As a kid, I'd been to a fair, and I'd been to all these sideshows, and I just didn't think it was right for her."

Calvin Owensby said he didn't know what lay in store for Precious at the freak show and instead believed he was selling her to "an amazing animals show."

Although Siegel loves animals, she is more of a cat person and has never owned a dog. She told the newspaper that she may put Precious up for adoption through the Animal League of Gaston County. But in the meantime, the puppy is safe and will definitely have the surgery she needs to move freely without the hindrance of an extra leg.

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