Hey Obama! We Don't Want No Cimate Drama!
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Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)
March 2013

climate drama global warming
Our "Green Yourt Diet" banner helped to lead the march.

…is exactly what more than 40,000 individuals chanted this past Sunday as they marched on Washington to demonstrate to President Obama their stance on climate change, and FARM was there educating the American public how a change in diet can change the climate.

Thousands of folks participated in the largest climate march in our country’s history…pushing for a ban on the devastating Keystone XL pipeline, limiting carbon pollution from dirty power plants, and moving beyond coal and natural gas towards cleaner energy like wind and solar power. Each of these items will make a difference in the health of our planet’s climate, but as we can see, they take time and depend on the government and profit-driven corporations to take a stand before we ever see real change.

Unfortunately, our planet doesn’t have the luxury of time; if we are to survive, we need to see real change NOW. Luckily, there is one small step each one of us can take that will make a HUGE difference for the health of our planet (and for human health and the health of animals) and that is changing the way we eat.

climate change global warming

Raising animals for food is one of the largest contributors to global warming. Reports show animal agribusiness contributes to climate change more than all the planes, cars, trucks, and all other forms of transportation on the planet combined. A report from World Watch states, “Livestock (like automobiles) are a human invention and convenience, not part of pre-human times, and a molecule of CO2 [carbon dioxide] exhaled by livestock is no more natural than one from an auto tailpipe.” Switching just two meals per week from animal products to vegan products reduces more greenhouse gases than buying all locally-sourced food.

So the next time you recycle, change to more efficient light bulbs or ride your bike instead of hopping in your car, please think about how your food choices are affecting our planet’s climate. To learn more, please visit GreenYourDiet.org. And be sure to take the pledge to “Move Forward” for the environment, animals and humanity at ForwardForAll.com.

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