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April 2019

Kenna is 19 years old and she has been vegan her entire life. She has a vegan YouTube channel called KENNA ROSE. She is Cape Verdean. She runs a blog called TEEN VEGAN where she posts vegan recipes.

Kenna Black Vegan

Since being vegan is so natural to me, sometimes I forgot there’s another way to be. I asked my dad why are we vegan and he said ‘’Why wouldn’t we be vegan?’’ For me and my family, eating animal products doesn’t make sense when there are so many options now. Food has always brought my family together. My mom and dad are very creative and we have something new every week. Recently, we made chick’n fajitas with vegan chick’n. It’s amazing how many vegan products there are now.

Being vegan connects to anti-racism for me. Historically, my people have generally had unhealthy diets, mostly because of food deserts and big corporations marketing unhealthy foods to us. In 2019, I’m hoping that more and more people have the resources to better their diets, I’m seeing change and I hope it continues.

People are realizing their food comes from animal cruelty and don’t want to contribute to that anymore. Ive recently posted a short blog post about my black vegan experience, which you can check out here .

I have a vegan Instagram called @themessyveganteen for recipes and food ideas.

My other Instagram is @kennaxrosa, I also post recipes and blogs on there!

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