Goat Arrested for Armed Robbery:
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Submitted by: Yuri Klitsenko

[Ed. Note:] This is another example of an innocent animal being scapegoated because of religious beliefs.

Police are holding a goat in Nigeria for attempting to steal a Mazda 323 motor vehicle,

Two robbers were pursued by a crowd of men, and while one escaped the other appeared to turn into a goat.

Kwara police spokesman Tunde Mohammed said, “we cannot confirm the story as yet, but the goat is being held pending enquiries”

Goats are special this month as January is the month of Capricorn the goat.

Belief in Kendocki witchcraft is prevalent in Nigeria, and in African communities worldwide, it came to prominence in Britain with the “body in the Thames” investigation with the ongoing bush-meat scandals, where animal and human body parts are secretly imported for both table delicacies, supposed healing properties and to increase fertility, and was in part behind the appointment of John Sentamu to Archbishop of York for his influence over the 300 African breakaway Evangelical communities in the London area alone.

The belief that people can transmogrify to animals is as old as historical records in every culture on record.

Debbie Arroyo from the organization, “Africans against child abuse” has campaigned constantly against bushmeat animal and human body imports.

Kanu Kwangko has said Nigerian witchcraft is no more ridiculous that the British Government awarding 12000 pounds each to I R A terrorists.

T Stokes

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