Horror in the Churchyard
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Submitted by: Yuri Klitsenko

I believe that modern Christians need to get rid of superstitions connected with "demonic" animals.

See Toads and Frogs

"The Devil, who squat like a toad at the ear of Mother Eve in Eden, is always at hand in the churchyard after service, waiting in that guise for some evil-minded communicant to feed him with a bit of the consecrated wafer."

Ulo Valk, The black gentleman: manifestations of the Devil in Estonian folk religion. Folklore Fellows Communications, vol. 127, no. 276. Helsinki: Academia Scientiarum Fennica, 2001. http://www.folklorefellows.fi/comm/rec/recentffc276.html  

Jerome of Prague who worked among the Lithuanians in the final decade of the fourteenth century issued a decree that all snakes should be killed and burnt in the public market place. Among the snakes there was one which was much larger than all the others and despite repeated efforts, they were unable to put an end to its life


Yuri Klitsenko is a Russian living in Moscow.  He works for the Russian Orthodox Church.

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