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Factory Farming de-Chickenizes Birds

This letter appeared in the Spokane Spokesman Review:

Dear Editor,

The overfed imbecile who banged-out the chicken-scratch entitled “PETA Stoops to New Lows With Exhibit” (Aug. 7, 2003) stooped to new lows by reveling in his conquest over the chicken who gave her life for his meal of “two thighs and drumstick”. It’s obvious from his pulp drivel that animal protein is anything but brain food.

If he had looked at the display with half an open mind, he should have seen that the parallels between the Holocaust and the treatment and mass murder of billions of factory-farmed animals are numerous--the only minor difference being the victims’ species. For example, while it de-humanized Jews to be herded onto “cattle cars” and kept in camps away from anything familiar to them, factory-farmed chickens are not only painfully de-beaked, they are de-chickenized--forced to live their entire lives in windowless barns with less space between them than plants in a greenhouse.

His suggestion that the comparison diminishes the Holocaust shows his failure to appreciate the perpetual abuse and massacre of millions of sentient animals per HOUR. If he really does not want “to see animals tormented or being made to suffer needlessly” he should be siding with PETA’s call to end factory farming.

Jim Robertson

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