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Goose-kill Atrocity

Dear Editor,

It was encouraging to see the Herald run an article about the goose-kill atrocity at Lake Stevens last week. The soulless Seattle newspapers must be in bed with the unmerciful USDA goose-execution gestapo on this issue.

I can imagine them--noses in the air as if their poop doesn’t stink--telling their comrades at the USDA:

“Do anything it takes to keep the pesky geese off our lakeshores. Just ignore their cries of terror as you round up these enemies of the State, separate life-mates from one another or mothers and fathers from their young, transport them to darkened chambers and turn on the poison gas.

We promise not to print anything sympathetic toward the victims or the allied efforts to save them.

We’ll simply keep re-running the same unfounded anti-geese propaganda--that sharing the lakeshores with lesser-beings could result in some unspecified health risk to us, the master-species.

As you goose-step ahead with your final solution, rest assured that those calling for humane alternatives, such as egg-addling and re-landscaping, won’t find a voice in our newspaper.”

Jim Robertson


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