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Help rid the world of unnecesessary violence

It was sad, but not surprising, to hear about the Kansas woman who suffered a fatal heart attack while watching the graphic, prolonged crucifixion scene in The Passion of the Christ. The shock and horror she must have experienced prior to her heart stopping is a natural reaction to seeing an innocent subjected to such terrible cruelty and suffering.

Non-human animals are also capable of empathy, and many go through extreme stress when others are in peril. Pigs have been known to die of heart attacks when hearing the screams of their brethren ahead of them on the kill floor.

Mel Gibson's re-creation of the epitome of man's inhumanity to his fellow man has stirred deep emotions in viewers across the country, many of whom have resolved to treat one another with more love and compassion. A similar kind of revelation has been experienced by those who have seen footage of the cruel treatment of pigs, chickens, cows, and other innocent animals on factory farms, as captured in behind-the-scenes videos such as PETA's "Meet Your Meat."

Anyone who has suffered through the bloody portrayal of The Passion of the Christ should be determined to help rid this world of unnecessary violence-and factory farms and slaughterhouses are exactly that. We can each make a difference every day by forgoing animal flesh in our food choices. For more information, visit

~Jim Robertson

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