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Imagine looking out your back porch door and seeing this big fellow staring right back at you!

One woman from Boone, NC had this easygoing, unthreatening black bear as a guest on her deck several times a couple of months ago, but hasn't seen the bear lately. It's not known for sure, but hoped that the bruin most likely went where most good ol' bears go for winter, into the doleful snooze of hibernation, or perhaps just moved on into one of the many parks and protected areas in that heavily-wooded area.

As for the homeowner's feelings, she says she "still gets a rush from the experience" and says she hopes the bear may "drop a line and check in from time to time".

Kind displays of fearlessness, tolerance, awe and appreciation for wildlife such as this are proof that it is easily possible for us to co-exist with all creatures great and small.

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