Anonymous for the Voiceless

Anonymous for the Voiceless
Anonymous for the Voiceless

Anonymous for the Voiceless is an animal rights organization that specializes in street activism. Established in Melbourne Australia  in April 2016 they employ direct action with highly effective public outreach using local standard-practice footage of what “food” animals experience every second of every day, virtual reality technology, succinctly informative resources, and a value-based sales approach. Now in over 246 cities around the world, they fully equip the public with everything they need in switching to a vegan lifestyle by an abolitionsist stance on animal exploitation.

I am honored and excited to have started the Albany New York Chapter! We held our third cube on November 5, International Cube Day! There were 194 confirmed cubes taking place world-wide! Albany had 20 activists showing up in the damp drizzly rain to participate in the Cube of Truth.

Anonymous for the Voiceless
Anonymous for the Voiceless

The masks represent the thousands of anonymous people who are standing against the violence and oppression of non-human animals in factory farming and when 8-12 people are all standing in a square with masks on it creates a fantastic aesthetic and spectacle! The masks make it more comfortable for the public to stay and watch the videos for longer periods of time. The masks hides any facial reactions and possibly judgement that people might feel. The activist becomes an impersonal symbol and prop, rather than someone judging others. Also many vegans are intimidated to be involved in advocacy because of the aggression and negativity others express when they speak about the abuse of animals. The mask allows a barrier to protect volunteers from this negativity and to help them become comfortable and confident in their advocacy.

Here are the thoughts from a first time participant in the Albany Cube of Truth: “I just participated in my first cube on November 5th and it was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever taken part in. Despite standing in the cube and holding a tablet computer, my heart was racing and I could see with my own eyes just how effective this form of activism can be in person. I anticipated people being curious but I never expected to receive such an overwhelmingly positive reaction like the one we received. With the exception of one person, the majority of the people driving and walking passed us were receptive to what we were doing (or walked away but they were at least forced to think about why they were walking away from the demonstration which I consider a win). I felt the mask would help calm my nerves but I underestimated just how much that would be. I’m naturally a very anxious person and I try to avoid confrontation when possible but this provided the perfect outlet for me to contribute to a cause I’m passionate about. I hope to participate in more cubes and urge people who haven’t contributed yet but are interested to do so as soon as possible. It was a positive experience and one that I will never forget.”

The Cube of Truth is quite a powerful activism tool! For more information on Anonymous for the Voiceless or to find a chapter near you, please visit their website:

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