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protesting animal testing

Protesting Animal Testing

I participated in protesting animal testing at Charles River Lab in Kingston, NY on Sunday April 22nd. The protest was hosted by NY Farm Animal Save. This was their 17th protest at Charles River Lab (CRL), who is the world’s largest breeder of animals for use in experiments. Half of all animals used in lab […]

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Me delivering Kathy's speech

Animal Rights at the Women’s March in Albany, NY

Animal Rights at the Women’s march in Albany, NY? Yes. Because females of all species are discriminated against. After I attended the Women’s march in DC in 2017, I  felt a huge pull to combine my veganism with women’s rights.  I heard about my friend, LJ in Philly who had started a Vegan Lady Gang […]

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The Last Pig

The Last Pig I saw The Last Pig documentary at Red Robin Song Animal Sanctuary and Guest House in New Lebanon, NY on Dec 3, 2017. The film brilliantly follows farmer Bob Comis through his last year as a humane pig farmer. Not known to the almost 50 guests, the film’s director Allison Argo and […]

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National Animal Rights Day Brings Hope and Pizza to Albany, New York

The National Animal Rights Day (NARD), despite its name,  is actually a global celebration, with events happening from Los Angeles, California, to Mumbia, India, to Albany, New York. The Albany NARD event, hosted by the Albany Vegan Network (AVN) and sponsored by, Primal Strips, Tofurky, Honest Weight Food Co-Op, and Alternative Baking Company, kicked […]

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Change IS happening! - A Vegan Living Article

Change IS happening! – A Vegan Living Article

Change IS happening: It can be so easy to get discouraged in a world that is opposite of our beliefs. But, try not to despair, friends: change is happening. After 146 years, Ringling Bros. Circus, which began in Baraboo, Wisconsin in 1871, held their final show last night! People are waking up to the atrocities […]

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Vegan Living-vegan products

Leaping into vegan lifestyle

We all need to be Leaping into vegan lifestyle Leaping into vegan lifestyle: I cleaned out my cupboards of anything I would no longer eat or use. I also looked around my home and my life, and I was crushed. I now realized the extent of nonhuman animal-derived products and practices that I used and […]

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Deer sunset-health and hunting

Deer sunset-health and hunting. I saw a deer in my yard as I was watching the sunset a few nights ago. After a few minutes observing her, she looked up at my neighbors’ yard and took off running towards the lake, where another deer joined her. The two darted across the frozen lake. I couldn’t […]

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Vegan Food Pyramid

Vegans Eat Wide Variety

Vegans eat wide variety. I’ve been vegan for almost a decade. The question I hear over and over again, as I am sure every vegan hears, is “well, what DO you eat?”.  Vegans eat the same food which does not contain animal ingredients that everyone else eats …fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and […]

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Vegan Beauty

Vegan Connection – Farm and Earthlings

Vegan Connection – Farm and Earthlings Vegan Connection is the story of my becoming a vegan and living it. I’ve always been vegan, but I just didn’t put it into action until I was in my forties. I grew up on a farm until I was 10 years old. We had cows, sheep, chickens, barn […]

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