Standing up to Bullying and Psychological Sadism

Standing up to Bullying and Psychological Sadism

Standing up to Bullying and Psychological Sadism
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We have found that most ethical vegans and animal rights people also generally care about other people and the environment; this is especially true about those who have a religious foundation, and this seems to make them more vulnerable to bullying and psychological sadism.

An example of this is Ligia, who is an ethical vegan who frequently corresponds with us. She wrote:

“Two weeks ago. I was so offended.

I had another incident at work on Friday. Although this has nothing to do with food, it has to do my ethical vegan values.

I try to avoid all use of plastic and I try to educate people in this matter wherever I go, so I ask everybody to give me their plastic bottles, bags, etc. There is a woman (one of the ones who was laughing about my food) who is totally against recycling.

One day when I asked her to collect all her plastic bottles for me, literally, told me she does not give a ^%$#. I tried to be reasonable and explain that this is the planet we are bequeathing to next generations (she has 3 kids), but I felt I was talking to a wall.

Last week I was walking by a woman who had 3 plastic bags on her desk and I told her that before she would throw them out, I would take them with me to be recycled. The other women overheard it and a few minutes later, I heard how she and other women were laughing at me.

That will not stop me from doing the right thing, but sometimes I feel I am being bullied. Between my food (the other day somebody told me I eat “funky stuff”) and my saving-recycling habits, I feel that people look at me like I am out of this planet. Sometimes it is hard to be “normal” in an “abnormal” world, but I don’t give up, because one day a friend told me: ‘you never know when you will inspire somebody’.”

Ligia has the correct attitude.

As a witness to the world around her, Ligia is standing up against bullying and psychological sadism.

It seems as though good people become the prey of the evil in this world.

This is reflected in what Jesus wrote in John 15:19.

19. “If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”

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