Diet By Design
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Author: Tyler J. Stanley

Reviewed by Frank L. Hoffman




Published by: Teach Services, Inc. Copyright: 1998 ISBN 1-57258-096-8 Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 97-80342

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Tyler J. Stanley did a wonderfully thorough job in writing Diet by Design.  It is filled with all kinds of well documented and referenced information on various foods and health issues from both a technical and a practical point of view.  Diet by Design is very easy and pleasant to read. 

If you've ever wondered about how to select various fruits and how to tell when they're at their peak of ripeness, flavor, and nutrition, Diet by Design has the answers.  If you've ever experienced any digestive problems after some meals, Tyler Stanley gives some practical and simple ways of eating  to eliminate such distress.

Throughout the book, the author weighs the scientific evidence related to health and diet and comes to the conclusion that the absolutely best diet that anyone could have is God's Diet by Design, as stated in Genesis 1:29:

Then God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; (NASU)

We were fascinated to find out about some fruits that we had never heard about before.  Stanley opened up new avenues of interest for us to consider for our recipes and eating enjoyment. 

We highly recommend Diet by Design to everyone.

Publisher Information:

Diet by Design — Much More Than A “Diet” Book!

Diet by Design consists of three complementary parts: Part 1 (Rationale), provides an extensive and unshakable foundation of knowledge which solidly supports both Part 2 (The Practical Fruit Guide™) and Part 3 (The Recipe Guide™); while, study and application of the facts, tips, and suggestions in The Practical Fruit Guide enables one to obtain and use the highest quality ingredients in the preparation of the delicious dishes, dressings, and treats described in The Recipe Guide — truly, all three parts are perfectly interwoven to present an unsurpassed lifestyle program which is both adaptable to your constitution as well as flexible according to your preferences!

Part 1, Rationale, contains eight fact-filled, enlightening chapters on various subjects relating to diet, nutrition, health, lifestyle, and the environment. Among the many informative and intriguing topics discussed are: nutrients, sugars, refined foods, weight loss, the optimal diet, vegetarianism; exercise, sunshine, and other lifestyle factors; safe water issues, acid-base balance, raw foods, dental health, dietary guidelines for mothers and children, animal foods and animal husbandry, pesticides and other chemicals, genetic engineering and irradiation of foods, environmental consequences of our food choices, fruit preservation, food combining, and healthy eating tips!

Part 2, The Practical Fruit Guide, is an exhaustive resource in-of-itself. Fruits, nuts, seeds, and “vegetable-fruits”: everything you need to know to become an expert! Hundreds of buying, storing, and serving suggestions. Includes nutrient contents and classifications, little-known facts and tips, chemical and preservative warnings, as well as informative and often shocking health research. Complete with in-depth descriptions of common, exotic, and extremely rare fruits from around the world. Beautifully illustrated!

Part 3, The Recipe Guide, provides you with guiltless alternatives for all of your favorite and tempting treats. Delicious, quick and easy, 100 percent natural recipes for ice creams, shakes, pies, candy, milks, fudge, butters, guacamole, salad dressings, soup, and more!

About the Author:

In addition to being an author, Dr. Stanley runs a health counseling service via e-mail and regular mail. It is an in-depth health, diet, and lifestyle form. We have received some of his invaluable advice and recommend checking it out. You may reach Dr. Stanley at [email protected] 


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