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Activists Defend "Death Park" Deer

[AP-PAC] NJARA bowhunting legislation alert

Help Needed To Overturn Hunter Harrassment Law in Pennsylvania

Letters Needed: Four (including monk) cited for illegal night hunting in Vina, CA

Anti-Hunt Patrols Needed
at South Jersey Refuge

  • Letter Prototypes
    Letter writing to local officials, media, groups and corporations is a good way to leverage the power of the individual. While individual complaints are often ignored, when a Letter To The Editor is printed or an open letter of complaint is published, many more people become aware of what is happening in their own community. The offender is put on public notice, and continued offenses can be seen by the public as the willful and destructive acts that they really are. When the knowledge is public, the "we didn't know" defense evaporates.

  • Fact Sheets
    Here is a good introduction to the humans as hunters topic: Hunting by Humans Perverse, Too Efficient, and another general fact sheet from the Animal Protection Institute, "The Fallacy of Sport Hunting."

    More Fact Sheets are on the way.

  • Posters
    Links to additional posters for use at protests, marches & other events will be posted here.
    An art poster is for sale in the C.A.S.H. catalog, "I am my brother's keeper"

  • Chants
    Links to chants for use at protests & events will be posted here.

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