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Comments needed on the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy

CONTACT: Bear Education and Resource Group www.SaveNJBears.com
Janet Piszar: [email protected]  or 973-315-3219

The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife has drafted its “Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy” which will rely heavily on hunting as a way to address black bear activity in parts of New Jersey. A hunt has been set to commence in December, 2010.

The agency is seeking public input on their plan and it is vitally important that wildlife and public safety advocates make it known that they do not want a trophy hunt for bears to take place in New Jersey.

Comments on the state's Comprehensive Black Bear Management must be submitted to Fish and Wildlife BEFORE THE JUNE 18, 2010 DEADLINE.

The state's bears have never posed a threat to the public and have rarely caused problems beyond those that could be handled by ordinary property owners.  Damage to private property due to bear activity is less than that done by raccoons, and most bear contact with the public can be attenuated if people modify the way they handle and store their trash.  Nothing has changed in this regard and a bear hunt is no more necessary now than it has ever been. This is a trophy hunt designed to satisfy the wishes of the fewer than one-quarter of one-percent of the state's population who want to hunt the animals – a tiny special interest group whose opinions do not mirror those of the public at large.

Bears are not a threat to the people of New Jersey and hunting them will be little more than an opportunity for hunters to hang bear heads on their walls or to put bear rugs in front of their fireplaces.

Please submit your comments to Larry Herrighty of NJ Fish and Wildlife BEFORE THE JUNE 18, 2010 DEADLINE.

Larry Herrighty
Division of Fish and Wildlife
Department of Environmental Protection
P.O. Box 400
Trenton, NJ 08625-0400

Or submit your comments online to: http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/bearpolicy10_comment.htm

Your letters will show Fish and Wildlife that there is strong public opinion AGAINST bear hunting.

Also please attend the Official Public Hearing and speak out against bear hunting. Send a strong message to the State that we demand the PERMANENT PROTECTION OF NJ BLACK BEARS.   You will have only two or three minutes to speak, but it is important to be there as the media will be covering this milestone event.  Buses will be scheduled – contact the BEAR group for more details.

Public Hearing:
Tues., May 11, 6:00 PM
NJ State Museum
205 W. State Street
Trenton, NJ  08625

CONTACT: Bear Education and Resource Group www.SaveNJBears.com
Janet Piszar: [email protected]  or 973-315-3219


Dear Mr. Herrighty:

As someone who is concerned about the responsible treatment if wildlife, I urge you to remove all mention of hunting or other forms of lethal control on New Jersey’s black bears from Fish and Wildlife’s Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy, as bears are not a public safety threat that needs to be addressed in a violent and irreversible way.

Bears are an integral part of the state’s natural areas and I am one of millions of citizens who do not want to see them killed by trophy hunters. I’m urging you, the Fish and Game Council, and the Division of Fish and Wildlife to edit the Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy to
exclude hunting or any increased killing of bears, as any violence toward these animals is unnecessary and unethical.


The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting is a wildlife advocacy organization dedicated to abolishing the practice of sport hunting through public education and community involvement. We seek to protect wildlife, the environment, and the general public from the recklessness of state and federal fish and wildlife agencies.

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