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Bill A. 2260 (introduced by Assemblyman Pete Grannis) the "right-to-fish" bill has passed in the Assembly and is now being considered by the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee. It is going through the Senate under its Assembly number. The bill allows "public fishing from a vessel on all waterways of the state that are navigable in fact or navigable in law."

This bill is the result of a court case where the landowner tried to close the river running through his property to public fishing. The landowner won the court case. If this bill becomes law, no one will have the right to prohibit fishing on navigable waters running through their property.

Please write a letter to Senator Carl Marcellino, Chair, Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, 812 LOB, Albany, NY 12247, Fax: 518-426-6975 and tell him you are opposed to this bill. If you have the time, send a copy of your letter to all members of the Senate EnCon Committee as well as your own state senator.

Senate Environmental Conservation Committee Members:

Caesar Trunzo
Vincent L. Leibell, III
Malcolm A. Smith
Suzi Oppenheimer
Owen H. Johnson
Martin Connor
Michael A.L. Balboni
Patricia K. McGee
Ruth Hassell-Thompson
Elizabeth O'C. Little
Nancy Larraine Hoffmann
John J. Marchi
John D. Sabini

Senate Environmental Conservation Committee
812 LOB
Albany, NY 12247

If we allow anglers to have this legal right to fish, it may be harder to oppose any attempt by hunters to have a law granting them the right to hunt. We must oppose this bill.

Thank you to Ronda Roaring for alerting us to this important matter.

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